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8 x 120’     (P)

Primedia Productions Ltd.

Television adaptation of 8 well-known Canadian stage plays.



1 x 120’     (P)

R.M. Arts/Primedia Productions Limited

A ballet performance that tells a story which crosses the world of magic and mystical creatures with that of the real world. It is a story where betrayal and power are in the end conquered by the virtues of love and forgiveness.



2 x 60’     (P)

Primedia Productions Limited

Two Tetley ballets from the National Ballet of Canada.




1 x 55’     (P)

Performance documentary celebrating Karen Kain’s career of 20 years from student to Prima Ballerina.  Using existing footage from previous programs plus new footage along with interview/documentary material.



1x60  W

The first in a series of documentaries examining the final day of a Rock Star's life. The debut episode is based on the final 24 hours of the life of Elvis Presley.  Featuring some re-enactments and many interviews with the people that were around Elvis during his final 24 hours. This documentary provides a behind the scenes look at what happened and what led up to that fateful day of 16 August 1977 at Graceland.



1x60 W

This documentary, featuring his music and film footage shown for the first time includes exclusive interviews. Spiritual Journey seeks to examine the motivations of the man, to provide an insight into his relationships and the development of his musical excellence through the people that knew and worked with him.




AMERICAN MASSIVE 1 x 80' 24 cities and 13,000 miles in 32 days. American Massive is a true eye opener to the American Rave scene. This film was conceived by Steve and Jon Levy, owners of America's premiere electronic label Moonshine Music, and brought to life by up-and-coming director Thomas Trail. This unique feature brings you the rave scene from its participants' perspective, the DJs, the promoters, the artists and the kids.




THE WORLD PARTY ON TOUR 3 x 60' Join tour guide extraordinaire Steve Saunders along with his beautiful, sexy crew of party people as they travel across the globe in search of the world's most outrageous nightlife destinations. Episodes feature the World Famous Pimp 'N Ho Costume Ball, in Las Vegas with over 10,000 beautiful people dressed in over-the-top sexy costumes, and the Mediterranean Island of Ibiza, famous for its mega nightclubs and huge dance parties.


VIP FILES: FILM 30 x 1' A new vignette series where the viewer can share privileged moments with the illustrious A-list of Hollywood celebrities. Some of the featured celebrities include Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Will Smith & Richard Gere. VIP FILES: MUSIC 30 x 1' A new vignette series focusing on the world-famous singers, groups and performers from the music industry. Some of the featured music people include Britney Spears, Puff Daddy, Chistiana Aguilera & Lindsay Lohan.



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