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Aerial Britain

12 x 60’

A unique series showing some of the more spectacular history and landscapes of britain by air, from its famous cities and madnificent coastal scenery to architectural heritage for which Britain is so well known.



1 x 60’

Brooklands is the birthplace of British motor sport and aviation and ‘Spirit of Brooklands’ is very much alive today, thanks to the Brooklands Museum Trust and its many sponsors and supporters. Since it first opened in 1991, hundreds of thousands of people have visited the Museum to see its collection of over 30 historic aircraft, including the Wellington bomber from Loch Ness, a Hawker Harrier and to attend motoring and aviation events.


The Red Arrows 1995/96 World Tour

1 x 58’

Fly with the Red Arrows as they perform their spectacular aerial displays above some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery from the Middle East to Table Mountain in South Africa, Victoria Falls, the Malaysian Island of Langkawi, Canberra and Sydney’s Harbour in Australia and Singapore.


Harrier – The Vertical Reality

1 x 65’

The World’s best selling combat ‘Jump Jet’. This programme salutes the achievements of the Harrier, in peace and war, over land and sea, through test and research, taking this unique aircraft design towards the 21st century.



1 x 60’

Interviews with the designers and the pilots, plus an exclusive interview with the man responsible for testing the plane to its limits, Leonid Lobos, chief test pilot of the Confederation of Independent States. The definitve story of one of the Soviet’s greatest fighters.



1 x 70’

Produced in co-operation with the Bomber Command Association, this unique programme features rare footage from Vickers, the COI and other archives, including glimpses of the Wellington in combat. We also feature personal recollections from the design team and the brave men who took the aircraft into action.


Vulcan – The Spirit of Woodford

1 x 55’

Experience the grace and beauty of this majestic aircraft from its early years to the current 603’s re-built at its birthplace – AVRO, Woodford. Interviews with ex-crew members, we explore the Vulcan pedigree and illustrious career. The spirit of Woodford is very much alive.



1 x 75’

The complete history of one of the world’s most famous strike aircraft. The programme examines closely the development and capabilities of the later Sukhoi aircraft, including the SU-24 Fencer, the SU-25 Frogfoot and the SU-27 Flanker. The programme concludes with an extraordinary aerial ballet performed by two SU-27’s, filmed from a third.




A series featuring war planes around the world. Fighters and bombers from past and present are analysed and explored, giving a fascinating insight into their formidable power:


Farnborough – Above & Beyond – The Story of British Aviation

6 x 26’

Since the first heavier than air flight in the UK by Colonel Cody in 1908 Farnborough has been the research and development centre for all aspects of aviation. This series chronicles the major events in the development of British aviation paying tribute to the pioneering spirit of the scientist, technicians, researchers and pilots who were responsible for many of the greatest advances in aviation technology.



1 x 52’ B

On December 17th, 1903, on a clear, cold, frosty morning in North Carolina, Orville Wright got airborne for the very first time in man’s history, in a powered airplane.  It was an event that lit a fuse in man’s technological evolution.  From that moment on there has been a continuous pressure to go further and faster and higher.

Within a little over 20 years men were engaged in aerial combat.  Within 20 years they’d flown across  the Atlantic.  Within 40 years they had broken the sound barrier.  And so it has gone on.  Today, we are looking at the creation of the space plane that can soar effortlessly into the stratosphere.This program tells the story  of that amazing evolution … from Wright Brothers to Space Plane in 100 years.


1 x 52'

This program is a celebration of one of the most famous bi-planes in the world and features Christopher Reeve and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Of almost 9000 Tiger Moths built between 1931 and 1945, more than 400 are still flying all round the world.
Originally built as a training aircraft, it has since been used for every kind of aerial work including air taxis, ambulances, crop sprayers and radio controlled bombers; but the Tiger is probably best known as the epitome of the bi-plane, a crowd pleaser at aerobatics displays.
There were no proper drawings for the Tiger, which was developed by Geoffrey de Havilland, a highly prolific designer with over 20 planes to his name.

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