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Danielle Steel: Between The Covers
1 x 48

This program is a straight forward biographical documentary of one of the world's best selling romantic novelists. We examine her personal life from her very first husband through to her fifth, including her nine children borne from various husbands. Through our interviewees, we have built a strong theme of Danielle Steel's addiction to romance and fantasy - an addiction that ultimately dooms all her relationships, as they can never live up to her expectations. As we talk to her friends, we discover a fun, vivacious side to Danielle Steel, which is in stark contrast to the dangers that two of her husbands introduced to her life.

Fonteyn And Nureyev: The Perfect Partnership
1 x 92'

The remarkable story of the unique dancing collaboration of Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev that brought joy to millions around the world. Thought by many to be the most sensational ever, certainly it is one against which all other such partnerships will be judged.  Among the roles we see them perform are Romeo & Juliet, Le Corsaire, Giselle, Swan Lake, Marguerite & Armand, Les Sylphides, Birthday Offering, Hamlet Prelude, and Lucifer.

IL POVERELLO: The Story of St Francis of Assisi
1 x 52'

This is an astonishing story: how a 12th century friar from a relatively unknown part of Europe, who during his life-time liked to be known as 'Il Poverello' - the little poor man - has reached international and historic prominence 800 years later.
Shot mostly on location in Assisi, Rome, and Canterbury, the film provides an intriguing insight into the area of Italy and the century from which Francis sprang. The annual Calendimaggio festival in Assisi furnishes a colorful opening and closing to the documentary.

FAROUK: Last of the Pharaohs

1 x 50' B

This unusual documentary-special tells the incredible life-story of that notorious Egyptian playboy-monarch who was overthrown in Nasser's revolution of 1952. When he became Egypt's king in 1936, at the tender age of 16, he was idolized by countrymen who looked upon him as their long-awaited Redeemer come to rid them of their poverty and their misrule. The story also encompasses the growth of Egyptian nationalism and the beginnings of the Arab-Israeli conflict.




1 x 50'  B

This is the remarkable story of Reinhard Gehlen, former Head of the West German Secret Service, who helped to found the CIA, the American Central Intelligence Agency.

Over the years he has been called many names such as “The man in shadows”, 'The man with a thousand ears' and 'The man of a million mysteries'. Gehlen was Hitler's Chief of Intelligence on the Russian Front during WWII. But long before May 1945 he had secreted himself and his files on the Soviets away from Berlin to the so-called Alpine Redoubt in southern Germany, while he waited his chance to bargain for his freedom with the advancing Americans.  In this program the story is traced from Gehlen's joining the Nazi Party during the early 1930's to his retirement on a CIA pension in the late 1960's.  He died in 1979.


1 X 111'

This is the only authorized version of Churchill's war years, made with his full co-operation and blessing. It is an inspired and affectionate tribute to one of Britain's greatest men, portraying the Grand Old Man leading his country and her Empire through their finest hours; jaw set pugnaciously, eyes gleaming with determination or twinkling with humour, to defeat the evil of Nazism.  ORSON WELLS tells the story of ‘Winnie', Statesman, writer and painter, the man who bestrode the world stage like a Colossus, symbolising not only his country's bloody-minded refusal to surrender, but also the ingenuity and eccentricities that defeated the forces battering at the shores of his beloved Britain.




1 x 90'  B

Peter Morgan, tells the story of how his father created the company; how he gained his

engineering and management skills and how, under his leadership, the company has survived to be not just one of the greatest British sports car manufacturers in the world but also the world's oldest surviving family-owned motor car company.

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