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26 x 30'
PE-TV is a health, nutrition and sports series targeted at young people. It is a new and innovative television concept that combines information with major celebrities and athletes in an "MTV-style," fast-paced format, specifically designed and written to appeal to young audiences. The focus of "PE-TV" is to show young people how to have a happy and healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and proper nutrition. Each week this message is demonstrated through the four teen hosts and celebrity guests.




52 x 26’ & 150 x 10’

Tombik & B.B., two very busy little bees, are ready to take young viewers on a journey of fun, learning and excitement.  Along the way we will encounter a fantastic, colourful world filled with puzzles, songs and fun-facts.  Each episode presents many different puzzles designed to stimulate a child’s thought processes and develop creatively as well.




52 x 26 & 156 x 10’

Zig and Zag are two friends competing to answer the puzzles asked by FAIS.  There are three referees; referee READY, referee SET, and referee GO.  Naturally, the young viewers test themselves too, trying to answer what they see on the screen.  Now and Then, our famous rock group, the BUGGIES will visit the show.  The series is 3D computer animation.




26 x 25'

This children’s animation series is about a 3-year old boy named Randy and his toy car ChaCha.  ChaCha teaches Randy about life, love and friendship, all of nature’s gifts, and they become friends with many children and animals, and other animals that have turned into cars, and trucks and robots.  (Separate M&E and narration available)




45 x 23'

From New Kids in Yoshimoto, and Shogakukan, the creators of Pokemon, this children’s animation series, entitled "Muchikko-Kid Bugs" will captivate young viewers as they follow 88 wonderful Kid Bug characters, such as Hanako the ladybug, the inchworm brothers Endo and Tanaka and Hamada the honeybee on the many adventures they experience. (Separate M&E and narration available)


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