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FAROUK:  Last of the Pharaohs
1 x 50'

This unusual documentary-special tells the incredible life-story of that notorious Egyptian playboy-monarch who was overthrown in Nasser's revolution of 1952. When he became Egypt's king in 1936, at the tender age of 16, he was idolized by countrymen who looked upon him as their long-awaited Redeemer come to rid them of their poverty and their misrule. The story also encompasses the growth of Egyptian nationalism and the beginnings of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Sea of Empires
15 x 26'
The Mediterranean has been the setting of more human struggle and achievement than anywhere on earth. in this series, round-the-world yachtsman St. John Stephen takes a luxury yacht on a journey around the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean.  This series combines intriguing and unusual history with visual appeal and style of the best travel programs.


1 x 45'

Vikings... the heathen wizards... malignant furies... howling wolves.  The program demystifies the myths of the Vikings. It discovers who they were, where they came from and what made them leave their safe anchorages for long sea voyages, not knowing what lay ahead. These were an extraordinary people, capable of extraordinary feats and journeys. They left their mark, not just across Europe but across the world... discovering America 400 years before Columbus.



Wrecks of the Condor Reef
1 x 52'

In 1672 a merchant ship laden with Chinese porcelain and other treasure left Bangkok and sailed south across the Gulf of Siam, towards Singapore. The vessel belonged to the King of Siam, and it was on a trading mission to India and Persia, to return with exotic pieces to decorate his palaces in the royal city. The ship never made it. It foundered somewhere in the Gulf of Siam. This program goes in search of that vessel, and the unknown treasures it contains.

China's Titanic
1 x 52'

The "Tek Sing" was one of the last of the great Chinese ocean-going junks - part of the tradition stretching back to the days of Zheng He and the legendary Treasure Ships. There were nearly 2000 people on board when it sank in 1822 with a loss of life greater than the Titanic. Its excavation has yealded the largest and most varied cargo of porcelain ever salvaged, with pieces dating from the fifteenth through to the nineteenth century. It is also the only Chinese junk that has ever been found where it has proved possible to discover the story behind the sinking.

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