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Crawshaw Paints Constable Country
6 x 24'

An introduction to the countryside immortalized in paint by John Constable, England's best known and most popular painter. Alwyn Crawshaw visits some of the scenes and locations made famous by John Constable, and paints the scenes as they are today. The beautiful locations, fascinating history and the stories behind Constable's best known paintings make this series delightful to watch.



Crawshaw's Watercolor Cruise
6 x 24'

Hosted by Bob & Rick Rosendahl, the Router Workshop has risen to the top of its genre in Canada.  Besides being entertaining, the series shows amateur woodworkers and "do-it-yourselfers" how to produce professional looking wood projects using just the Router. Although just a "how to" show, it has garnered loyal and growing audiences wherever it airs.


Celtic Feet
1 x 55'

It's great to learn Irish Dancing. With this programme, you can follow all the right steps at home.  It's an overnight dance sensation that has taken hundreds of years to arrive. Irish Dance was the smash hit phenomenon of the Nineties. This all-entertaining, all-encompassing choreography whose Celtic roots are from bygone centuries, has been thrust into the limelight and to the top of today's charts.  Colin Dunne, the nine-times World Dance Champion, fills the screen with his warmth and charm, explaining clearly and concisely how to dance, just like him. Colin has toured extensively throughout Britain, Europe, Australia and North America working with many luminaries including The Chieftains, Sinead O'Connor, Stephane Grappelli, and De Danned. The Irish Post rightly calls him The Greatest Male Irish Dancer of All Time



8 x 52'

Introduced by musician and broadcaster Jools Holland The Music Makers Series provides those all important basics for the 'beginner'. This series is unique. Expert step-by-step tuition, computer graphics aids with clearly defined stages of learning.
This series includes programs on: The Keyboards; The Violin; The Bass Guitar; The Drums; The Guitar; The Clarinet; The Flute; The Saxophone.


THE COMPLETE MUSIC TUTOR:  The Guitar; The Keyboards; The Drums
3 x 180'
A comprehensive series of complete music courses for everyone from beginners,
intermediates to advanced players. They revolutionize self tuition - simply watch, listen and play: in no time the viewer will be playing the kind of music he wants to hear. The series covers everything from buying an instrument to suit your need to joining a band.

ART WORKSHOP: Watercolor with Paul Taggart
Paul Taggart is an artist of some reputation, who works well in all media. He revels in sharing his enthusiasm for painting, by encouraging others to take up this engaging pursuit. His teaching methods are approachable and his manner unpretentious.

1 x 45'
The Materials, Colour Mixing, Thumbnail Drawings, Brush Techniques, Masking Fluid Application.

Part 2
1 x 80'
A step-by-step demonstration of a Wet on Wet watercolour painting from start to finish - including mistakes and how to rectify them.

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