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1 x 60'
The world's most exotic super cars are now unleashed on the open road! 12 Ferraris battle over the mind-blowing 5 mile stretch of high speed public road, on the notorious Isle of Man TT Circuit! Some of the world's leading Ferrari drivers push their fantastic machinery to the limit in a bid to achieve the quickest time possible. We talk to the drivers, climb aboard the "red missiles" and follow the action from start to finish!


1 x 120'

106 Jaguars representing the entire history of the marque set off on the third annual Entente Cordiale run from Portsmouth to Normandy. See and enjoy the entire history of Jaguar cars - live and running and in superb condition.
From the earliest 'Jaguar' the 1931 Austin Swallow - through to the latest XK8 and XJ220 models, the whole glorious range of the marque can be seen purring and roaring through the French countryside. Detailed film of the cars, interviews with the owners and in-car cameras.
Includes: Austin Swallow 3.5 litre, Mk5, Mk7, Mk8, Mk9; XK120, XK140, XK150; Mk2, E-type, Daimler 240, 250; XJ6, XJS; XJS Stealth, XK8, X300, XJ220.


1 x 90'

Peter Morgan, tells the story of how his father created the company; how he gained his engineering and management skills and how, under his leadership, the company has survived to be not just one of the greatest British sports car manufacturers in the world but also the world's oldest surviving family-owned motor car company.

HANDMADE: The Making of Morgan
1 x 60'
Since 1909, when H.E.S. Morgan produced his first three - wheeled 'Runabout', the town of Malvern in Worcestershire, England, has played host to the most unique car factory in the world. Here, none of the philosophies of Henry Ford has ever applied, emphasis being craftsmen.  Today these skills are still maintained and practised to produce sports cars of unique character - always much loved and revered by their owners.


1 X 52'

This is a tribute to the great innovators in sports car engineering and to their renowned marques and models. Sterling Moss, John Surtees, Jackie Ickx and Derek Bell drive many original Le Mans winning cars including the Bugatti Type 35B, Bently Blower, Mercedes SSK, Mercedes 300SLR, Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, Jaguar D-Type, Aston Martin DBR1, Ferrari 250 GTO and Testa Rossa, Porche 356 and 956.


1 X 52'

Giacomo Agostini, Geoff Duke, Barry Sheene, Wayne Gardner and Michael Doonhan, ride some of the classic racing bikes of our time.
Names such as Indian, Vincent, Norton, Triumph and AJS. The G50 Matchless, Ducati and the dominance of Agostini and MV Agusta. Sheene is re-united with his Suzukis and Yamahas while Gardner and Doonhan test their 500cc Grand Prix Hondas in South Australia.

5 X 60'

A definitive new series of programs telling the history of five of the best loved marques.
The Story of Rolls-Royce
From The Silver Ghost, Phantom, Silver Cloud to the Silver Dawn.
The Story of Daimler
Begins with the TG45 and ends with the V8 250.
The Story of Armstrong Siddley
The 20/50, Typhoon, Hurricane and Saphire 236.
The Story of the MG
All models from the 1880 Sportsman Salloon, 1800 Carlton Coupe, K1, K3, MGA, MGB V8 and the Midget.
The Story of BMW
The Dixi, DA2 Tourer, 315, 501, 600, Isetta and the 3200 CS.


49 x 60'

AJ22O - The Official Story, Jaguar Victorious, Jaguar Mk2 - Building a Legend,Jaguar E-Type Experience, Jaguar E-Type Archive, Jaguar V12 Archive, Jaguar Goes Racing, MGB Experience
Battle of the 'Bs, Porsche 911 Experience, VW Beetle Experience, Mini Goes Racing 1, Audi Quattro Experience, Ferrari Fever, Morgan Experience, Classic Saloon Car Racing '60s Style, Classic Car Greats, Pre-War Motor Racing, Motor Racing Years 30's, Motor Racing '50s Style '57 & '58, Motor Racing '60s Style '60 & '67, '61 & '62, '63, '64, Motor Racing '70s Style, Classic Saloon Car Action '70s Style, Production Car Racing '73, '74 &'75,Autocross '60s Style
Vintage Racing Greats '65 & '66, 69 & '72, '73 & '74,Vintage Formula Ones, Production Car Championship '91, '92 & '93, Production Car 25-hour Race '88, '89, Off Road Driving School
Targa Tasmania '92, '93, '94 & '95, Quattro Racing in the USA, Audi Quattro - The Official Story
Auto Union Racing Cars - The Official Story, and more......



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