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TAll Ship
1 x 48'
The Russian Kruzenshtern is the second-largest tall ship in the world, with a crew of over 200.  Filmed in Norway, Sweden, Russia and the UK, this one-hour documentary follows her taking part in the Cutty Sark Tall Ships; Race and explores the fascinating history of what's been described as 'the most beautiful sailing ship in the world'

Aussie Assault
1 x 119'
One of the great moments in sporting history - the successful Australian Challenge for the 1983 Americas Cup, when for the first time in over 100 years the Cup was prized from the New York Yacht Club. The film includes Australia II's design and construction of her controversial 'winged keel'. The historic America's Cup series against the American Yacht Liberty is covered with live on board sound and vision during the races.
The high emotion of the final race between Australia II and Liberty is made even more powerful with the addition of the live commentary which was beamed back to Australia. This superb film pays tribute to the greatest series of races in sailing history.

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