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12 x 50'

This series brings viewers to the most exotic and dynamic festivals from around the world.  Shot in HD, Fascination of Uniqueness conveys the culture, lifestyle and soul of Carnivale in Rio, Oktoberfest in Germany, The San Fermin Festival in Spain and many more.  Great scenery, combined with rich historical background of each festival make this a fantastic series.




26 x 30’ SD  &   13 x 30’  HD

This unique series explores the world’s most exotic vacation destinations, and how to experience them FIRST CLASS.  The Luxury Travel Show appeals to avid vacationers and consumers of the finer things.  Writer & presenter Varun Sharma to the world's premium destinations including Morocco, Tokyo, San Francisco, Bali and more.

 Episodes feature the top hotels, the finest restaurants, and various high-end adventurous activities.  Everything from flying fighter jets to mountain climbing, wine tasting to learning how to drive a Formula-1 car, and from sky-diving to swimming with Great White Sharks. 


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