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1 X 48’  B

When the people of Malaya came under the Japanese Occupation, the oppression they faced brought to life an underground movement of Communism.  The guerrilla fighters waged a long-drawn war from the jungles, using unorthodox strategies that gave them a strong advantage over their more powerful enemies.  The Base was where they fought from, a hidden city of underground tunnels that protected them and enabled them to outsmart and outlast for six long decades.

This documentary tells their story.  Through dramatic enactment, real photographs and indepth interviews, The Base recalls how the war was fought by a small band of fighters against the British, Malaysian and Thai armed forces.



3 x 48'

The ability to break the enemy's codes proved vital in both the First and the Second World Wars. In fact it was to be the key factor in achieving victory. BREAKING THE CODES reveals how this was achieved.  Using rare footage and exclusive interviews, these programs take you inside Room 40 where the codes of the German Fleet were cracked during World War One, and where deciphered messages helped bring America into the war. Go behind the doors of once top secret Bletchly Park - Station X - to discover how the British successfully broke the ENIGMA code, a task thought completely impossible. Cracking ENIGMA gave Britain a huge advantage, and the cracking of the hardest code of all - NAVAL ENIGMA - allowed the Royal Navy and Coastal Command to finally fight back against the menace of the U-Boat packs that had almost succeeded in bringing the country to her knees.  Codebreaking proved just as vital in winning the war in the Pacific. Discover how the Americans successfully cracked the Japanese PURPLE code - but failed to use their advantage to prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor - and the JN25 Japanese naval code which won the Battle of Midway and turned the tide of war in the Pacific


Part One: The Road to Stalingrad
2 x 60'

Russia's war with Germany lasted 4 years, claimed 28 million lives and changed the map of Europe for half a century. This film shows the achievement and the heroism of the men and women who endure the fighting and who have suffered on a scale almost unknown in the West.
It begins with humiliation for Stalin as Hitler launches the onslaught of Operation Barbarossa in 1941.

Part Two: The Road to Berlin
2 x 60'

Millions of dead, German enslavement and terror in vast areas of occupied Russia. Yet after two years of desperate carnage the German attack on Russia is finally halted and the Russian counter attack begins. Beginning with the destruction of the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad, this is the story of the Red Army's epic struggle to drive the Germans from Russian territory and then to invade the Reich and reach Berlin.


2 x 52'

Peter Batty's acclaimed films piece together the complete and extraordinary story of the quest for the ultimate weapon - how scientists and politicians in Germany, Britain, USA, and the Soviet Union battled to unleash a terrifying power they did not understand.  The men who created the Nuclear Age were: The 'Father of the Bomb' - Robert Oppenheimer, Manhattan Project boss General Groves, and Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam, the 'makers' of the H-Bomb. Its terrifying implications remain.


D-DAY: The Public Face
1 x 60'

All the action, glory and sacrifices. D-Day has finally dawned, the future of European civilization could hinge on this day. This documentary shows the detailed planning, ingenious preparations and sheer fury of allied war effort on land, sea and air, which was to prove the beginning of the end of Hitler.
For the first time, we look back a half century at the way cinema audiences first learnt of the unfolding of Operation Overlord and the fate of their loved ones on the field of combat.
Hit songs of the day, courtesy of Glen Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Vera Lynn, George Formby and Marlene Dietrich conjure up the mood and spirit of a time when we cheered our boys on to ever greater and nobler conquests. Presented by Falkland's War Hero Simon Weston.


5 x 52'

The first truly objective history of the Algerian War, an eight year conflict that caused the fall of six French Prime Ministers and the collapse of the 4th Republic.
It brought de Gaulle to power, but also almost saw his demise and twice brought civil strife to mainland France. This was perhaps the last and most significant of the old style colonial wars.


1 x 50'

This is the remarkable story of Reinhard Gehlen, former Head of the West German Secret Service, who helped to found the CIA, the American Central Intelligence Agency.
Over the years he has been called many names such as 'The man in shadows', 'The man with a thousand ears' and 'The man of a million mysteries'. Gehlen was Hitler's Chief of Intelligence on the Russian Front during WWII. But long before May 1945 he had secreted himself and his files on the Soviets away from Berlin to the so-called Alpine Redoubt in southern Germany, while he waited his chance to bargain for his freedom with the advancing Americans.
In this program the story is traced from Gehlen's joining the Nazi Party during the early 1930's to his retirement on a CIA pension in the late 1960's. He died in 1979.

5 x 50'

The story of the background and build up to the 1941 head-on clash of two of the mightiest armies Man has ever known. Notable contributions from key participants such as Albert Speer tell the story behind Hitler's opening attack on Russia and the battle that followed with the loss of at least 20 million lives.


The story of the last German offensive of the Second World War, the biggest single pitched battle of the Western front with more than a million troops taking part. Includes previously unseen German film of the campaign.


Described as ‘brilliant and intensely moving' by the London Times on UK transmission, this film tells the story of one of the most tragic and grueling battles of WWII, a battle fought under the hypnotic glare of the Benedictine monastery on the summit of Monte-Cassino.


The tragic story of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising in which nearly a quarter of a million Poles lost their lives is told with unique archive footage and remarkable eye-witness accounts from principal survivors.


A battle that ranks as one of the most decisive and seminal battles of recent times, the outcome of which led directly to American involvement in Vietnam. The story is told from he French colonization of Indo-China in the last century through to the climactic Vietnamese siege of early 1954.


THE DIVIDED UNION:  The Story of The American Civil War 1861-1865
5 x 52'
This definitive documentary series on the American Civil War received widespread
critical acclaim.  Distinguished film maker Peter Batty wrote, directed and produced this five part series that tells the story of a conflict that was the most exacting test Americans had ever faced.
A war where one in four who took part never survived and where, in many cases, brother fought against brother and neighbor against neighbor.


WARS IN PEACE: Regional conflict from Korea to the Gulf
12 x 26' or 12 x 35'

Since the end of World War Two, warfare has continued to rage across the planet despite the prolonged peace in Europe. A series of regional conflicts has enabled the major powers to continue to develop skills in warfare and weapons, on sea, on land and in the air.
Now, with the nuclear stalemate ended and with open warfare returning to Europe, the lessons of the "WARS IN PEACE" become increasingly important and frighteningly relevant. What are the techniques of guerrilla warfare that can defeat highly equipped and trained armies, what weapons are now available for attackers and defenders, what has technology developed for the future and what is the role of the individual fighters.
Above all who really wins?

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