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444 DAYS TO FREEDOM: THE INSIDE STORY     (1 x 100’)            


William Shatner narrates the story of the Iran hostage crisis and what has happened since, using footage of the U.S. embassy staff, those who aided in the few who escaped and the revolutionary students who held them.  The 25th anniversary of the release of the hostages from the U.S. embassy takeover is November 2004.

Also available Escape From Iran: The Inside story   1 x  60'

Best Docu at both New York's TV Movie Awards and Canada's Gemini Awards, Chris Plaque Award


POLAR PASSAGE     (1 x 60’)

Historical Adventure

An incredible story of how two men conquered the Arctic North West Passage in a tiny sailboat, without a cabin.  The journey fulfilled a dream that had eluded everyone who had attempted the crossing, ever since Martin Frobisher set out to sail the North West Passage in 1576.



Historical Aviation

These three one hour films, which can be run as one-offs or as a trilogy, tell the story of flight through the twinkling eyes of an octogenarian who started flying in 1918.  Charles Chabot flew everything from the cross Channel Bleriot, to the Concorde at age 88.  His life was filled with amusing anecdotes and numerous firsts.  Incredible archive footage and music from the period complete this classic trilogy of the history of flight.




TV Movie

Starring Eric Peterson

Based on the musical Rock'n'Roll by John Gray, we follow the rise to glory and the fall along the way of 1960's tock and roll band and their reunion 20 years later.  A story of fast cars, small towns, first love and great rock'n'roll, all set in small town Nova Scotia, Canada.  A CANAMEDIA production.

Rockie Award - Banff Television Festival

Silver Hugo - Chicago Int'l Film Festival

Best Musical - television Movie Awards/N.J.

Gold Medal - Int'l Film & TV Festival of New York

Best Variety - Canadian Film & Television Association

Athens Award for Drama & Music - Athens, Ohio Video Festival

Outstanding Programme of the Year - Canadian Film & Television Association Awards


SKY HIGH     (13 X 30’)


From balloons to biplanes, aerobatics to ultra-lights, skydiving, soaring and everything in between, Sky High presents the best of today's small airplanes for consumers, as well as showcasing yesterday's classics.


FLIGHTPATH I & II     (26 X 60’  1 X  120')


This spectacular ratings winner, produced for Discovery Channel Canada, chronicles the power and passion of aviation.  Stunning visuals are linked to real life stories; patrol with skycops, search and rescue missions, simulated air combat experiences, and flying with geese. Flightpath also shows the technology and its history and rises up to capture the essence and appeal of flight, and looks back from where it came.  1 x 120' Special is also available in Spanish.



SPILL YOUR GUTS     (26 X 30’)

Teens ( 9-14yrs.)

This high energy, music talk-show targeted at teens is created by youth for youth.  Using hot music bands as its vehicle of communication, Spill Your Guts explores issues such as racism, spirituality, dating, parents and other issues concerning youth.  Through interviews and audience chatting, it entertains and educates.





Magic or Medicine written and hosted by Dr. Robert Buckman takes a critical look at the state of conventional medicine from the patient's perspective and examines why are so many people seeking help from complementary or alternative medicine.  He investigates the practices of Chinese acupunturists, native shaman, faith healers and a wide variety of alternative medical practitioners.  Dr. Buckman concludes that though alternative practitioners may not be any better able to treat the disease than conventional doctors the may well be better at treating the patient.



HEAVEN ON EARTH     (1 X 120’)

TV Movie

Starring R.H. Thomson, Cedric Smith & Huw Davies

Over 125,000 British orphan children were shipped to Canada between 1867 and 1914 with hopes of finding "heaven on earth" in  the loving arms of a family.  For many it was a battle for survival.  Screenplay written by Margaret Atwood.



THE BIG TOP    (1 X 60')

Jacques Lernay's ballet, as performed by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, received standing ovations from audiences and rave reviews from critics at its premiere.  It's a glittering world of exotic animals, colourful clowns and mysterious people.


BOLD STEPS    (1 X 90')


Winner of the Padua Award at the International Festival of Documentary Films on the Arts, this feature length documentary features delightful performances, while revealing the extraodrinary range and quality of the behind-the -scenes life of The National Ballet of Canada.





Celebrate the joy and vitality of young dancers from four of the world's leading ballet companies in an international competitions.  Featuring The Royal Danish Ballet, The New York American Ballet Theatre, England's Royal Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada.



GOING HOME     (1 X 120')

TV Movie

Starring Nicholas Campbell

The Dramatic Story of 20,000 Canadian troops who survived World War I only to endure the appalling conditions of a transit camp in Britain while they waited for ships to return them back to Canada.  A bloody riot resulted in which many were killed. 



ADDERLY     (44 x 60' 16 mm film)                                                                                 

Classic Spy Series

Starring Winston Reckart & Jonathan Welsh

This CBS TV series dramatizes the action-filled life of a top agent struggling to return to the world of foreign espionage.  It stands as a milestone for its portrayal of the modern day agent, and brings a crackling, fast-paced look behind the wheeling and dealing of governments and how they deal with terrorists.

8 Gemini Awards



ESCAPE FROM IRAN: THE CANADIAN CAPER     (1 x 120'  16mm film)                  



Starring Gordon Pinsent, R.H. Thompson & Jonathan Welsh 

The dramatic and exciting re-creation of the Iran Hostage Crisis and the story surrounding the flight to freedom of six US Embassy staff. They escaped, with the help of Ambassador Ken Taylor and his Canadian Embassy staff. 

A CBS TV movie of the week.  25th anniversary date is January, 2005

Intl.Film & TV Festival N.Y. – Bronze




Adventure / Social

Produced for Canada’s Discovery Channel, this is a story of an underwater expedition to survey the Hope Island mystery wreck, which sank in the Great Lakes in 1856. One of the greatest challenges for the exploration team of physically disabled scuba divers is to find the barque’s name. Through perseverance, luck and microfiche film, they finally succeed.




Travel / Adventure

The Canadian Travel Show is a six-year odyssey across the vast and breathtaking Canadian landscape. From searching for grizzly bears in the Yukon and sea kayaking on the Atlantic ocean, to encountering the remote native cultures of northern British Columbia, The Canadian Travel Show presents wild outdoor adventure, unforgettable local characters, eye-popping vistas and unique cultures.



BOATS & PLACES TV      (13 x 30’)

Travel / lifestyle

Welcome aboard the glamorous life, with international boating adventures, exotic destinations, high-end watercraft, and a chance to cruise with the Rich and Famous. On a $20 million yacht in the Caribbean or a Sea Doo adventure in the Florida Keys, hosts Jim Payetta and Ted Rankine offer viewers a standing sea-bound invitation to the Good Life.



FISH’N CANADA     (255 x 30' ongoing)


Shot in North America, this series is the benchmark for quality and information. Each episode explores a new location with different varieties of fish. Hosted by Reno and Angelo Viola along with their expert guests.





Auto racing

A must-have for all sport networks worldwide, North American Rally Cup is an exhilarating series featuring the continent’s best in auto rallying.  Each season the Cup features 8 exciting events held on the most extreme and challenging road courses in North America.  Using car and helicopter cameras, viewers will experience world class driving, dramatic spills and thrills plus a scenic view of some of the most beautiful rural areas across North America.



THEY’VE GOT GAME     (6 x 60’   Also available in 30’ format )

Sport Documentary                                                                                         

These six individual stand alone documentaries celebrate the extraordinary lives of seemingly ordinary women in sports. From the boxing ring at the Playboy mansion, to the dragon boat championships in Rome, to the high adrenalin world of car racing, their stories are powerful and poignant. They are leaders, pioneers and adventurers – and their spirits are unbreakable. Episodes include Fists of Steel, Water Works and On Track.


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