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TEENS 101 (13 X 30' HD)
Combining interviews with experts and personal accounts from youth and their parents, Teens101 will help guide them through these difficult years and illustrates the major issues opposing youth today. From multiculturalism and family dynamics to media influences and mental health issues, Teens101 will provide thoughtful, informative and vital information to help youth and adults come to grips with the trials and tribulations associated with the teenage years. In 2014, technology has crept into almost every part of our lives. In this compelling thirteen-part television series about the world of a teenager in the new millennium, we take the viewer through the journey from adolescence to adulthood, examining the health and wellness of teenagers in today. This documentary-style series will examine the issues facing young people as they progress through high school and make the decisions that will affect them far into the future. This dynamic and thought provoking series will speak to people of all ages, opening up new topics for discussion for both parents and teens alike, and addressing the difficulties of growing up in the 21st Century.


TAKE OFF     (26 x 30’)
Kids Drama (7-12 yrs.)
In this innovative lateral thinking drama series combining science, music, history and humor, a group of multi-cultural kids take off into an artwork world on exciting adventures in themes such as fashion, justice, time, rhythm, colors and boundaries.
Children’s Broadcast Institute Award of Excellence (twice) & Japan’s Maeda Prize




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