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  Canadian Catalogue - Docu-Series



Join celebrated paranormal expert, Sean Reynolds, and he investigates the UK’s most haunted paranormal locations. Witches, demons and lost souls are what he intends to seek out through ghost hunting taken to the edge with dramatic results. What you see and hear is exactly what happened on every location as Sean will take you on his journey through the terrifying Ghost Dimension.

BLUE REALM   (13 X 60’ HD)

Underwater / Ocean

The Blue Realm is a stunning and engrossing TV series featuring amazing undersea animals and marine life. Utilizing superb HD imagery, engaging stories and the world’s leading scientists, the series takes viewers on extraordinary underwater journeys of discovery.


Docu-Reality / Vets / Pets

The Pet Clinic in Los Angeles has an endless stream of fascinating characters in motion … those who work there, clients who bring their pets in, the pets themselves. They are intriguing, vexing, challenging, sometimes desperate, sometimes overwrought, and sometimes funny. Drama and humor pulse through the place. The mix of personalities – the clientele and the staffers makes for unusual, unique and often emotionally upbeat encounters. The pets draw us in and the love they show back will melt anyone’s heart. The life-saving miracles that go on here are a constant. The clinic has a “no turn away” policy and we witness what is the first line of defense in a war waged against the inhuman treatment of pets. Many animal rescue organizations depend on the Pet Care Center for the crucial skills and loving care that saves so many pets from an unavoidable doom.


Docu-Reality / Dogs

Star of the TV Show The Diamond Collar, Former mobster James Giuliani turned his back on a life of crime to dedicate himself to rescuing animals. This tough-as-nails New Yorker, who's been behind bars, has spent his formative years working for some of America's most infamous crime families and is now putting all his boundless energy towards saving animals in need.

BOTOX QUEENS   (26 X 30’ HD)


Dolce Aesthetics is a wildly successful, modern cosmetics clinic located in colorful Queens, New York. Business is booming, the ladies are crazy, the clients are crazy, and the action is non-stop. The jealous boyfriend with mob ties, Botox parties requested by over the top rich clients, the stalkers, the Brooklyn hoodlums, Juvederm, Lipo-Freeze and O-Shot treatments – the list goes on and on and the drama never stops as we take a peek into the business and personal lives of the Botox Queens.

BEYOND   (52 x 30' HD)


BEYOND is a gripping paranormal documentary television series told through the personal experiences of well-respected academics, doctors and physicists as well as spiritual practitioners such as shamans and witches. Featuring eye witness accounts of supernatural phenomenon including ghosts, orbs, EVP’s and alternative healings, BEYOND takes audiences on amazing journeys into the world of the unknown.

NEXT STOP   (51 X 30’ HD)


Next Stop is an exciting travel series featuring the people, culture, local music, food, sports and landmarks that make each destination unique. Next Stop not only takes you to fabulous places, but it gives you an insider’s look into each featured location. Whether ice bar hopping during a festival in Japan or swimming with dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii, host Jon Olson stops at nothing to bring viewers the unique traditions and people he encounters in his travels. Spotlighting unique destinations all around the world, Next Stop enlightens you regarding where to go, what to do and how to do it.

NOMADS   (56 X 30’ HD)


Nomads showcases amazing adventure travel exploits, with passionate storytelling and the involvement of some of the world’s greatest extreme sports athletes. Visually stunning sports such as whitewater kayaking, extreme big mountain skiing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, basejumping, extreme snowboarding and big wave surfing push the limits of possibility. Nomads is shot globally on six continents and touches down in exotic locations such as Switzerland, Alaska, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Tahiti, Africa, Costa Rica, Norway, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada and the Canary Islands. These timeless adventures are rich in action, adventure, culture and travel with a focus on compelling personalities and storytelling.



Action Sports World takes you to exotic locations, featuring world-class athletes involved in exciting sports such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, cliff diving, whitewater kayaking, aerial acrobatics, surfing and many more adrenaline- fueled extreme sport disciplines from throughout the globe.

GHOST DIMENSION   (26 x 60' HD and 3 X 60' Special)


Ghost Dimension is a new and exciting paranormal show that takes investigations to a whole new level. Using the latest technical instruments to collect and record evidence as well as incorporating good old fashioned ghost hunting techniques the team venture forth to some of the most frightening locations in the UK in a bid to capture the holy grail that everyone seeks.....PROOF of Life after Death. The Ghost Dimension team put themselves in harm’s way and have their nerves shredded as they encounter more activity than they bargained for. Join the Ghost Dimension team on their journey into the realms of the unknown and hope by the end of it you can turn off the light and sleep soundly....we doubt you will!



"Travel Time with Linda" is an exciting, upbeat new travel series offering travel inspiration with all the key elements; glamour, luxury and adventure. Host Linda Cooper takes us "Caribbean Dreaming" in each episode featuring exotic, bucket-list must vacation hotspots such as Belize, Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, Anguilla and Punta Cana. Each show highlights a new Caribbean gem, all while showcasing not just the luxury aspects but the flavor and essence of each locale while interacting with the local culture. From the specialty lust worthy, boutique hotel featured every show, to the action-packed adventures such as Airboat BoneFishing or swimming with the nurse sharks and let's not forget a wonderful mix of pampering and a little retail therapy showcasing the local shopping aspects.



Traveling with Emily M is all about a fun-loving, adventurous girl who travels the world searching for exciting and unusual places to visit while having a good time. Emily is up for anything as she mixes with the locals, explores her surroundings and entertains her viewers with unique experiences. This is certainly not your grandmother's traveling show!

SONS OF VIENNA   (6 x 30' HD )


From the late eighteenth century through the early twentieth century Vienna was never without a world famous composer living and working within her friendly confines – we know their music well, but what of their lives, myths and legends? Past masters, eight in all, will be vibrantly brought to life not with black tie and tails but with vibrant tales of a different sort.



Twenty years after attending Richard Spenard’s driving academy, auto racing champions and old friends Jacques Villeneuve, Trevor Seibert, and Bill Drossos embark on a new journey together to fulfill their lifelong dreams of designing, building, and operating a world class race track in the Okanagan Valley. From an exhaustive search for a suitable location, to design philosophy, through cutting-edge engineering and construction, and eventually the first test laps, “A Drivers’ Dream” chronicles the dream to reality journey of Area 27, North America’s newest, and possibly most thrilling and challenging race track.

BRIDGE BROTHERS   (2 x 60' HD and 1 x 90’ HD)

Big Jobs / Docu-Drama

Bridge Brothers explores life on the bridge for a crew of industrial bridge painters at work on the most iconic bridges in the U.S. Their 12-hour days are defined by risk and danger as they sandblast through layers of hazardous coatings and damaging corrosion to repaint these impressive structures. These guys, members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, are filled with grit and a wild sense of humor. As they preserve America’s bridges they also battle Mother Nature – and each other –racing against the clock to get work done under the exacting eye of their foreman and company bosses. They are also forced to confront the personal toll of this work on their family life back home – whether home is New Jersey or Florida; Brazil or Greece. This is a story about brotherhood and the ties that bind. They may not be related by blood but they are brothers nonetheless. Bridge Brothers.


Travel / Adventure

Outta Town Adventures travels both near and far to discover the best adventures the destinations have to offer. Season 1 visits attractions from California to Rwanda, Switzerland, Iceland, Utah, Zambia, Mexico, The Grand Canyon, Georgia, (the Eastern European one!) Louisiana, Hawaii, Mauritius and Seychelles. This TV series is dedicated to presenting history, culture and geography in a fun and positive way. It encourages people to explore this beautiful world - something that starts with simply getting out of town!


Home Renovation / Lifestyle

Made to Renovate explores an in-depth look at how home decor and renovation related products evolve by way of their manufacturing process. Each episode will break down the inner workings and make-up of the product by walking through the manufacturing process step by step, while meeting the innovators who founded the company and exploring the rich history of their rise to success. Episodes include the world of custom cabinetry, green roofing, custom furnace and AC units, designer trim/molding and floor protection, bringing viewers a new appreciation of their home and its internal make-up.


Travel / Adventure / Paranormal

Mystic Journey to India takes you to the very heart of India as world-famous spiritualist medium Craig Hamilton-Parker consults a secret oracle that tells him everything about his life and what will happen including the day he will die. Craig is no stranger to the paranormal and has given a lifetime’s work to investigating and demonstrating psychic powers. But when he stumbled upon the secret Naadi oracle of India even he is blown away by the impossibility of its messages and the mind-boggling implications of what he discovers. Set against the stunning backdrop of rural India, Craig climbs sacred mountains, visits mysterious places and is invited into magnificent temples to perform fire ceremonies and other unfamiliar rituals. We see him changing as the programs progress from typical westerner – a grandad with a happy family – to a shell shocked guru. In a story reminiscent of Indiana Jones, we journey with Craig as he uncovers the lost secrets of India. This story is beyond mind-boggling: it will make you question everything about the nature of fate, destiny and providence.

SPORT FISHING ON THE FLY   (104 x 30’ HD Ongoing)

Fishing / Sport

Sport Fishing On The Fly is an award-winning, nationally broadcast fly-fishing television series, hosted by Don Freschi. Filmed primarily on the pristine rivers and lakes of western Canada and surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and spectacular wildlife, Don shares his experiences, tips and tricks as he fishes everything from fast moving rivers, to dead calm lakes, to vast open oceans.

UTRAVEL   (16 X 30’ HD)

Travel / Lifestyle

In UTravel, Chef Bob Waggoner takes us on a sojourn to North America’s greatest cities. He’ll share with viewers the rich history, entertainment and unique flair of each location. Chef Bob will focus on the local food and explore each city’s delicious culinary delights. While learning about the city’s appeal, Bob visits a specially chosen chef where they discuss the local food prepared and served. Next, they will tour the chef’s restaurant, prepare a unique recipe and then journey into the city where the guest chef takes Bob to his/her favorite food (“hole in the wall”) meal spot. We end each episode with a tasty review of the trip with great original music.



Caribbean Vibrations TV takes viewers on a whirlwind travel-adventure to International events and colorful festivals – all with an irrepressible Caribbean Vibe! Capturing the energy of the Caribbean on a global scale, this series showcases the trendiest places, signature events and biggest names in the Caribbean diaspora from around the world.



With the very best world class competitors confirmed to attend the races, this year’s National Motocross Championship series promises to be the most thrilling racing series out there…yet again! The national title in the MX2 class is up for grabs. The list of championship contenders, including Jeremy Medaglia, Jacob Hayes, Jimmy Decotis, Shawn Maffenbeier and Dylan Wright, to name a few, is shaping up to be the most competitive MX2 title chase in years. Last year’s championship went down to the final moto in a year that saw four different riders take the top step. With the talent that will be competing in 2016, who knows how many riders will take home a win…every one of them can do it!

SUPPER CLUB   (13 X 30’ HD and 13 x 60’ HD)


In each episode we travel to the coolest cities in search of the most avant-garde pop up supper clubs, showcasing some of world’s greatest and most daring chefs, who take us on a journey of the senses and introduce us to some of the most unique and excentric people the world has to offer.

TOP MILLION DOLLAR AGENT - NEW! SEASON 2!  (13 X 60’ HD and 26 x 30’ HD)

Docu-Reality/Lifestyle/Real Estate

Top Million Dollar Agent is an incredibly entertaining docu-reality based on the lives & careers of four of North America’s top real estate professionals: Mike Donia, Jin Jiang, Daryl King & Inez Kudryk. In each episode, the savvy agent has an affluent client who is interested in buying a fabulous home, condo or townhouse and takes them to view four different multi-million dollar properties. Additional segments feature a guest agent, lawyer, builder/designer or mortgage broker who educates audiences on how to purchase, sell, & decorate luxurious real estate. This new series is geared towards everyone from first time buyers to experienced investors & gives viewers an exclusive glimpse into the personal lives & careers of the best of the best in the world of real estate.

TEENS 101   (13 X 30’ HD)


Combining interviews with experts and personal accounts from youth and their parents, Teens101 will help guide them through these difficult years and illustrates the major issues opposing youth today. From multiculturalism and family dynamics to media influences and mental health issues, Teens101 will provide thoughtful, informative and vital information to help youth and adults come to grips with the trials and tribulations associated with the teenage years. In 2014, technology has crept into almost every part of our lives. In this compelling thirteen-part television series about the world of a teenager in the new millennium, we take the viewer through the journey from adolescence to adulthood, examining the health and wellness of teenagers in today. This documentary-style series will examine the issues facing young people as they progress through high school and make the decisions that will affect them far into the future. This dynamic and thought provoking series will speak to people of all ages, opening up new topics for discussion for both parents and teens alike, and addressing the difficulties of growing up in the 21st Century.



The Aviators is a fast-paced, exciting TV series hosted and written by world-renowned pilots. This unique series joins our aviation expert correspondents as they cover a broad range of topics designed to keep both pilots and aviation enthusiasts informed and entertained. The series covers everything from new aircraft designs to the latest GPS technologies, accident and safety awareness, airline profiles, and remote fly-in getaways all over the world - The Aviators has it all!

A LOOK AT LUXURY  (10 x 60' HD)


This brand-new series takes the viewer on a unique journey into the very highest levels of the luxury sector. What differentiates A Look at Luxury is its unparalleled access to the people that create the world’s most luxurious goods and services, instead of the people that buy them. The series introduces us to the passionate people creating tomorrow’s masterpieces or those who have been supplying the rich and famous with fabulous goods for decades, giving us a truly inspiring insight into the extraordinary world of luxury. From the Queen’s jewellers – to the world’s first ever lingerie designer. From one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious banks ‘Coutts’- to the designers of the most eco-friendly and greatest sailing superyacht of all time ‘The Maltese Falcon’. ‘A Look at Luxury ’offers an insider’s view of the craftsmanship and dedication that the super-wealthy demand. Experience inspiring, intelligent insight into a world that is not so unobtainable … if you have passion and perfection on your side!.


Live Music Special

Real artists, real songwriters, real musicians…an alternative to the assembly line music machine. Curated by producer Peter Berkow, MUSIC GONE PUBLIC features outstanding artists such as Frankie Moreno, Tommy Emmanuel, Delhi 2 Dublin, Antsy McClain, Nell Robinson, Roy Rogers, Blame Sally, Frank Vignola, Tom Rigney and Joe Craven..

DIVERS DOWN  (45 x 30')


‘Worldwide Underwater Adventure Travel’ is the theme as host Mark Stanton invites viewers to join him vicariously to experience interesting and beautiful scuba diving destinations. From Nova Scotia to the Great Barrier Reef, the Caribbean to British Columbia, cold waters and warm, these unique travelogues appeal to a wide audience. A visual treat for diving, boating, fishing, nature, outdoors, and armchair enthusiasts..



Two outspoken bakery shop owners who have the same last name, but are not related - Giovanni (Gio) is from Italy and Leonardo (Leo) from Uruguay. Both got into the pastry and chocolate business early in their life, thinking that running a bakery would be much less work than the pizza shops they had owned. With no formal training in pastry making or chocolate making, they learned how to make unique deserts from a variety of sources, mostly their staff. The series follows their day-to-day activities and the customer requests for their unique products, the misunderstandings, some of the language barriers, their interactions and their ingenuity when they are running behind schedule. As Gio says, “He never says no to any request,” which most times gets him in trouble with the safe minded Leo..



The new Season 2 of this mouth-watering new series travels the world with North American celebrity chef and massive personality, Massimo Capra. Massimo’s ongoing quest is to search for the best foods worldwide, while meeting interesting people, having amazing adventures and cooking up a storm with local chefs. Using incredible ingredients such as 6 foot tall rhubarb plants, mushrooms larger than a soccer ball, lobsters from the lobster capital of the world, ice wine from the world famous Niagara Vineyards and countless other mouth watering ingredients we see cooking as it has never been done before…Buon Appetito!



They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger - that’s what extreme sports are all about. It’s the adrenaline rush and the imminent danger that comes from breaking out of the normal routine – escaping our mundane existence – and living in the moment. Josie Boulding lives in the moment. Whether it’s skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, hang gliding, or any number of other breathless adventures, Josie’s pretty much “been there – done that”. When she comes down from her adrenaline high, Josie likes to experience the culture and the cuisine of the country she’s exploring. And she takes millions of viewers along for the ride.

SLOPESTYLE TV   (26 X 30’ SD, 15 X 30' HD )


Slopestyle TV is the definitive skiing and snowboarding mountain destination television series featuring sponsored pros, local riders and exclusive lessons from seasoned instructors. Every excitement-packed episode travels to a pristine mountain destination and pushes the limits of powder and park riding while exploring the history of the region, culture and night life. Armed with multiple HD cameras, the talented Slopestyle crew travel, ride and shoot every episode on location at the top resorts across North America…meet the pros and ride with the locals!



Sporting Dog Adventures is truly a show for the dogs! Now in its fourth exciting season, every show takes viewers on an outdoor journey featuring the skills of talented K-9 athletes. SportingDog Adventures showcases some of the finest opportunities available stateside in upland, waterfowl, and big game hunting. But our appeal goes so much further than those who enjoy the fast-action hunts. We remain committed to providing family-oriented entertainment, and that means segments for men and women, adults and kids, and even non-hunters. Special “featurettes” include segments dealing with canine health, training tips for a variety of breeds, and cooking segments demonstrating wild game recipes. Few outdoor adventure shows can truly fit the bill of “something for everyone,” but we honestly feel that we do..


Travel / Adventure

Getting Away Together is a new TV series highlighting the rapidly growing trend of sharing a vacation with friends and family. Unlike other travel shows, Getting Away Together brings the concept of “togethering” to television. It’s the first reality travel series to focus on this trend. Each episode features a new group of travelers as they unwind with meaningful travel experiences in fun locales, with vacation rentals as their home base. From girlfriend getaways to family reunions and milestone celebrations, the series shows diverse groups of real travelers vacationing together at fascinating destinations and staying at spectacular vacation rental properties.

THE AVIATORS  (65 x 30' HD)


The award-winning worldwide aviation TV hit is back with a fourth season of more of what you love from the world of flying. Casual enthusiasts and fanatics alike will be thrilled by the immense variety of topics that will cover such things as 400lb microjets, bush flying, AWACS, Flying Fortress, the Thunderbolt, seaplanes, attack helicopters, homemade planes and even the Goodyear blimp!


Travel / Adventure

He was only bitten once, but The Travel Guy has never shaken the travel bug, the most contagious bug in the world of which the only known cure is to travel. The new season of episodes has The Travel Guy staying a little longer in various destinations. He gets into the culture and traditions by being an active participant, enjoys the folklore and stories as told by the local residents and takes in the unique sites. From beautiful tropical islands, trekking along the world’s longest coastal drive, exploring The Black Forest to finding the best eats, it’s an adventure at every destination with some funny stuff.


Live Music Special

Jesse Cook - Live in Concert is a one-hour DVD, featuring award-winning international guitar phenomenon Jesse Cook. Filmed at the beautiful Rose Theatre, Jesse Cook - Live in Concert is a richly cinematic and engaging musical experience. It is a journey into the powerful music that draws on flamenco, rumba, gypsy and latin influence that has become Jesse Cook's trademark sound. Includes a mix of Cook's biggest hits as well as new music from his eighth studio effort, The Blue Guitar Sessions. Also ncludes enhanced features and behind the scenes footage..


Live Music Special

Recorded live at the Bathurst Street Theatre in Toronto, Canada, “Live at the Bathurst Street Theatre” will transport viewers from Spain to Morocco, from France to Colombia, and from Africa back home again with more stops in between. Amidst these signature works that explore culture and our fascinating reactions to it, Jesse Cook paces this elegant show with poignant and lyrical works that highlight the diverse strengths of a band that has long been dedicated to Cook’s artistic vision. Among these fluid and transcendent moments come compositions that drive the artists and audience to dizzying heights with forceful, percussive works that demand a visceral response. A few soulful vocals and a rousing finale rounds off the show with the audience literally on their feet singing along, backed by a stage overflowing with Cook’s band, featured guests, and an all female drumming ensemble. Adventurous and epic, the musical exploration found on “Live at the Bathurst Street Theatre” will enlighten, engage, and inspire you.


Live Music Special

Tommy Emmanuel's 2nd PBS Pledge Special was produced over 2 nights at the beautiful Balboa Theatre in San Diego's Gas lamp district. In this special Tommy invites the remarkable guitar duo of Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo, Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Pam Rose, and Australian power singer and songwriter Anthony Snape to appear with him. They perform on their own and in various combinations with Tommy. Tommy also offers solo versions of Guitar Boogie, Moon River as well as several original compositions.


Live Music Special

This third program offering by Tommy Emmanuel was produced at WSRE Pensacola's Jean & Paul Amos Performance Studio in February 2012. It features a majority of Tommy's newest material woven with anecdotes and warm humor. It is only Tommy and his music and an intimate studio setting that was created for fans who want the newest music solo. This program has been broadcast in Pensacola but has not been seen in the United States.

SAVING THE OCEAN   (13 x 30' HD)

Marine Life/Conservation

SAVING THE OCEAN is not just another doom-and-gloom TV show; it's about real people solving real problems. Most of us have heard about the effects overfishing, pollution, and climate change are having on the world’s oceans. SAVING THE OCEAN chronicles the unsung heroes who are creating hope — marine biologists, scientists, conservationists, fishermen and activists who are hard at work inventing and implementing solutions to help bring fish populations and endangered species back from the brink and creating hope for today’s oceans. Sharks, swordfish, giant turtles and more fascinating underwater creatures are featured on this not-to-be-missed aquatic adventure series..

INFIDELITY   (4 X 30’ HD )


Infidelity has existed since the beginning of humanity. It has been universally condemned and universally practiced. This brilliant, four-part documentary doesn't just talk about affairs, Infidelity profiles the people having the affairs and discovers that infidelities are complex issues with complex reasons and don't boil down to simple lust and mischief..

TWIST OF FAITH   (13 x 30’ )

Current Affairs

In “Twist of Faith” we take an ambitious global journey to discover how religions and spiritual traditions impact societies and individuals around the world. While some people may not practice a religion, or necessarily believe in a conventional faith, everyone is impacted in one way or another by the rich diversity of the world’s faiths. From the forests of Russia to the slums of Delhi, episodes investigate Christianity in Ethiopia and the War on Terror, Saving Hill tribes in Thailand, Holy Sites Controversy in Jerusalem, Women and Islam, Where is Judaism going, Polygamy in America, as well as Religion and War in the Balkans. .

AIR BOSS   (13 x 30' HD)


Air Boss Wayne Boggs is your exclusive guide into the secret lives of air show stars. The adrenalin, the egos, the ever-present risk of death! “Air Boss” takes viewers behind the scenes and into the souls of these otherwise reclusive performers to uncover who they really are why they cheat death for our entertainment. Most air show bosses and performers are former fighter pilots. They’ve been trained to be the best, and admittedly programmed to be ruthless, unforgiving so-and-so’s. Accordingly, when an all too common difference of opinion occurs, fasten your seatbelts… we’re in for some turbulence! Even when a show is going as planned, nature, mechanics, or dumb luck can come into play… and the results can be disastrous. Each week, “Air Boss” follows Wayne as the show’s focal point intermingling ruthless performer competitiveness, conflicting egos, spoiled brat millionaires, and the constant risk of imminent death.

GOURMET ESCAPES with Massimo Capra  (13 x 30' HD)


This mouth-watering new series travels the world with North American celebrity chef and massive personality, Massimo Capra. Massimo’s ongoing quest is to search for the best foods worldwide, while meeting interesting people, having amazing adventures and cooking up a storm with local chefs. Using incredible ingredients such as 6 foot tall rhubarb plants, mushrooms larger than a soccer ball, lobsters from the lobster capital of the world, ice wine from the world famous Niagara Vineyards and countless other mouth watering ingredients we see cooking as it has never been done before Buon Appetito!



Travel to unique destinations; explore amazing attractions, participate in activities that range from Shark and Crocodile feedings to discovering ancient ruins, snowmobile on glaciers that have been thousands of years in the making, zip-line high in the air through a lush rainforest, step into haunted places, create local gastronomic treats and look at the world as your playground with The Travel Guy. He crosses the globe in search of extraordinary adventures for anyone. Don’t worry, if The Travel Guy can do it…so can you!



Wildlife Crossroads is a six part series that takes viewers across four East African nations to explore their national park systems. The series showcases a broad spectrum of wild animals filmed in their natural state and documents what is being done to preserve and protect those animals from the worlds last remaining great apes in Uganda to the adorable Meerkats of the Kalahari desert.

YUM (26 x 30’ HD)


YUM is a brand-new cooking series featuring charming Chef Dwane McIsaac and a variety of guest chefs preparing innovative dishes utilizing a diverse range of local food and beverages. Our chef delivers a warm and inspirational cooking series dedicated to creating and presenting down to earth cuisine, illuminating a variety of everyday ingredients.

DISTANT SHORES  (104 x 30’ HD (new 2012 season))


A cold winter's approaching, so why not jump in a boat and head somewhere sunnier? Not got a boat? Well Paul and Sheryl Shard have and that's exactly what they did in this brand-new Distant Shores adventure. The Bahamas, Antigua, St. Maarten - just the names conjure up a warm feeling and this is where the Shards chose to spend their winter. While in the Caribbean, they meet with locals such as 'Crocodile James' a naturalist on the remote island of Saba and learn of life on these sea-faring islands. The Shards also get to experience another way of sailing the seas as they swap yarns with the captain of a luxurious cruise ship. So if you are feeling the cold, you know what to do. Either buy a boat or watch the Shards enjoying the Caribbean sunshine.

Foreign Correspondent (8 x 30' )

Current Affairs

Veteran foreign correspondent Martin Himel takes you on a tantalizing journey throughout the globe to find out how various societies love, marry, pray, find cures, discover their past. These are just some of the universal and intriguing themes profiled on Foreign Correspondent.

The Cool Guy Files   (13x 30' HD)

Culture / Male

With "The Cool Guy Files" we’re talking about being cool. It’s not that high-school kind of cool…we’re talking real-life, real-guy, real modern cool kind of cool. The effortless, confident kind of cool that comes from knowing who you are and what you want to do. It’s about being an original and being yourself. It’s about being the guy other guys want to be, and other girls want to have. Each episode features the true life of a different guy and exactly what makes them cool – and if you’re lucky, some of that cool may rub off on you – think you can handle it?

My Green House  (13x 30' HD)

Home / Design / Eco

The “environmentally friendly home refitting and lifestyles series” created to help people understand the many choices they face in and around their homes and to show that home design can have an impact on the environment. From energy efficient furnaces to solar water heaters, from mowing the lawn to changing a light bulb there are hundreds of decisions we face in our day-to-day lives. My Green House’s five enthusiastic co-hosts visit a different home in each episode and help the homeowners become more aware of how their choices impact on the environment and their personal style.

The Aviators  (39 x 30' HD)

Flight / Science / Adventure

The Aviators is a fast-paced, weekly TV series hosted and written by pilots. This exciting magazine series joins our aviation expert correspondents as they cover a broad range of topics designed to keep both pilots and aviation enthusiasts informed and entertained. The series covers everything from new aircraft designs to the latest GPS technologies, accident and safety awareness, airline profiles, and remote fly-in getaways from Canada to the Bahamas - Th e Aviators has it all.

Earth Trek  (13x 30')

Travel / Adventure

Visit the globe’s most magical places in search of adventure, cultural enlightenment and ecological treasures. Join hosts Joni Ravenna and John Stevens as they cross the world’s highest canopy bridge in Malaysia, soar over the Grand Canyon, explore the Himalayas, dig for dinosaurs in the American West and visit sacred sites in Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Other episodes feature a safe haven for orangutans in Borneo, an elephant trek through a rain forest, a ghost town in Montana and a stunning scuba dive near the island of Phuket.

A Place in the Sun  (104 x 30' M+E)

Lifestyle / Travel / Real Estate

A PLACE IN THE SUN showcases North America’s best vacation homes - from a town house on a golf course in Florida or a beachfront mansion in Mexico, to a chalet on the slopes in Vail. Besides experiencing these fabulous homes and the people who own them, we’ll also learn the basics about owning and maintaining these awesome properties, like how to buy off shore or the dos and don’ts of fractional ownership, time-shares and exclusive clubs. A PLACE IN THE SUN is jam packed with current advice, market insight, lifestyle and must see “how to” stories.


X-Treme Golf TV   (6 x 60' HD)

Competition / Sport

Eight passionate golfers are imprisoned in an unpredictable six day whirlwind elimination tournament that becomes a bittersweet, life altering experience. Competitors confront their greatest fears in a relentless tour that challenges their physical stamina, mental agility and emotional fortitude. Imagine “Survivor” meets “The Amazing Race” while “Big Brother” ensures that every golfer’s worst nightmares come true; on and off the course and twenty-four hours a day.

George Hirsch Living it Up!    (108 x 30')

Lifestyle / Cooking

Each episode features Chef George’s down-to-earth guy-next-door style and easy how-to recipes from his home kitchen that always promote a healthy and better lifestyle. With informative and entertaining travel & fun filled recreation, George’s empowering and upbeat content is supported by his “If I can do it, You can do it! “ attitude.

Outdoor Cooking with George Hirsch    (110 x 30')

Lifestyle / Cooking

The original outdoor cooking show, Chef George Hirsch paved the way by taking cooking outside the studio, changing how the world perceived cooking and lifestyle television. George’s friendly demeanor captivates his audiences and has created a cult following that boosted outdoor cooking related sales into a multi-billion dollar industry from the airing of this TV series.

SPY GAMES    (13 x 30')


This series blends the best of documentary and live TV to explore the tradecraft, history, and contemporary role of espionage. Every week we talk shop with real spies and get an interactive, hands-on look at artifacts at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC, the only facility of its kind. SPY GAMES unique format is a combination of conventional documentary story-telling and live television debates and discussions. Each episode offers a fresh perspective on the world’s second-oldest profession, its secret missions, successes and failures.

Around The World on Horseback    (7 x 30')


Ages ago man and horse began a unique partnership that endures to this day. “Around the World on Horseback” takes the viewer to exotic locations all over the world to discover this mysterious bond and the cultures that created it. Whether it’s braving a sub-zero Atlantic wind while riding over the lava fields of Iceland or mounting the famous white Lippizaner horse at its original, centuries old, breeding farm in Slovenia, join host James Hillman as he travels the world, explores the cities and roams the countryside - meeting the locals and riding their horses.

Struggle For Justice     (10 x 60' HD)

Crime/ Docu-Drama

This original series rides the growing wave of public interest in wrongful convictions by telling the story of individuals who were accused and convicted of crimes they did not commit and who struggled for justice to ultimately clear their name. Each episode traces one individual’s case from the moment of their accusation and arrest, through judgment and incarceration, and the ensuing legal battle that raged until a final victory in clearing their name was achieved. Theirs is a solitary and emotional journey, full of twists and cliff-hangers, that is presented in vivid detail through the help of dramatic re-enactments, narration, gripping testimonials, pertinent interviews and archival press and television news coverage.

Planet Luxury     (23 x 30' in HD)


Planet Luxury is about the best of the best. Everyday items with the panache to place them on the shipping lists of the truly wealthy. By travelling internationally to the source the audience finds out how these exquisit items are made, why they cost so much and wht kind of people will shell out all that cash to buy them.

INJUSTICE    (13 x 30' in HD) 

Documentary Crime Series

InJustice is a crime series that looks and feels like no other crime series on television. Everything about the conventions of the typical documentary crime series have been turned upside down. Music, art, editing, photography, poetry, narration and special effects all serve to tell a story in a richly metaphoric and moving way. In the 500 channel universe, this series stands apart from every other crime series on television. Words like, ‘powerful’, ‘cinematic’, ‘bold’, ‘moving’, ‘dramatic’, ‘unique’, and ‘captivating’ have been used by many individuals to describe this series. Despite taking such a radical approach to production and post production, rich engaging story telling remains the primary concern of the production team. Many have said that InJustice ‘feels’ like a drama, even though it very clearly is a documentary series.

ANGRY PLANET     (39 x 30' in HD) 

Adventure / Science Series

Over the last ten years, the world’s weather has gotten more and more violent, and many have witnessed dozens of hurricanes, tornados and volcanic firestorms. “Angry Planet” will take the audience on an extraordinary tour of the world’s most extreme natural phenomena as we film a collection of unique and hair-raising situations involving tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and anything else Mother Nature could hit us with. The audience will get an E-ticket thrill ride though some of the most extraordinary sights our angry planet can produce, hosted by a intense, personable thrill seeker - George Kourounis - one of the world’s most active and venturesome storm chasers. The show will be a behind-the-scenes docu-soap chronicling the adventures and misadventures as George and his associates explore the world’s wildest weather and hairiest natural sights. The first 13 episode season of “Angry Planet” will follow George as he witnesses wild phenomena on the furious earth: Hurricanes, Tornados, Volcanoes, “Weather Bomb” Winter Storms, Water Spouts, Lightening and Forest Fires. We will “push the envelope” with the filming of each of these – adding elements to the filmmaking and storytelling that will make this a truly unique and exciting series.

DROP IN     (52 x 30' SD & 13 x 30' HD)

Extreme Sports/Reality

Hop on the bus and live with the athletes of today's adventure sports. Five professional free-ride mountain bikers travel together for three trips of 60 days each on an experience of a lifetime. Drop In on these young modern day Gladiators on two wheels and share blood, sweat, laughter, triumph and even tragedy as they ride off cliff faces for extreme entertainment.

UNDER ATTACK     (40 x 30')

Extreme Sports/Reality

A new, fast-paced, reality/sports series featuring a group of young, humorous and animated skateboarders who travel around the world on tour and the crazy antics and fantastic skateboarding that happens along the way. Competitions, skate challenges, street skating - UNDER ATTACK showcases it all.

SADDLE UP!     (13 x 30' HD)

Travel/Adventure /Outdoor

Saddle Up! lets you experience the best wilderness horseback trails in North America. Deep in the mountains of Western Canada in the heart of Banff National Park, this series gets you onto your horse and on the trail. Take in the towering vistas of the amazing Rocky Mountains as you and your horse make your way through the alpine passes to your campsite for the night. Lodges, teepees, shelters...where will your bonfire be this time? Keep an eye out for wildlife...this is bear country! Each show features magnificent vistas, crusty trail guides and spirited horses. Combine these with crackling bonfires and true stories of the riders who broke the trails and built the lodges over a hundred years ago. The air is fresh, your horse is true, adventure awaits... so Saddle Up!

HOME AND STYLE      (100 x 30')

Weekly Lifestyle Magazine Series

Tour elaborate model homes and see the latest in Interior Design. Stay on top of the hottest fashions and get beauty tips from the experts. Visit beautiful Travel Destinations around the US, and go behind the scenes of the latest movies. All in one show!

CANADA IN THE ROUGH      (74 x 30' HD)

Hunting/Wildlife/Adventure Series

Canada is truly the last unspoiled frontier that boasts some of the best hunting on the planet. Canada in The Rough documents real hunting and celebrates the variety of hunting experiences which makes Canada such a unique and desirable hunting destination. No high fences, no contrived situations - this show is about real hunting as it was meant to be. Meticulously produced, expertly photographed in glorious High Definition and ultimately in a league of it own Canada In The Rough is destined to become a must see for all serious outdoor enthusiasts. Filled with heart pounding hunting adventures crossing this breathtaking country from the Eastern seaboard to the western mountains to the Arctic, each episode abounds with real emotion, real drama-from the anticipation of the hunt to the pain of defeat. Loaded with insight, facts, travel and game cookery, Canada in the Rough is sure to delight. Experience the excitement that is Canada In The Rough – it’s all Canada it’s all Wild!

WRITER'S CONFESSIONS      (39 x 30')

Arts Series

Witty, poignant, humourous and educational, Writers’ Confessions is a fast-paced series about writers and writing. Over twenty writers per episode speak about a variety of topics that are of great interest to writers, readers, and anyone who is interested in the creative process and writing. As well, for anyone who wants to be entertained and informed by a group of very smart and very funny creative people, Writers’ Confessions fits the bill.

THE ARTIST'S LIFE      (52 x 60')

Arts Series

The Artist's Life is a provocative new series featuring painters, sculptors, and photographers. Each episode is a rare glimpse into the vision guiding the artistic process as expressed through the thoughts, words and daily experiences of the artists. The audience views the artistic process as seen through the artists' paintings, sculptures and photographs. The artists are passionate as they share insights into their work and creative process.

CREEPY      (13 x 60')

Sci-fi / Paranormal Series

Creepy is a weekly road-trip into the sometimes nightmarish, but always fascinating world of the paranormal, combining chilling re-enactments, interviews with eyewitnesses and on scene investigations by paranormal researchers in search of the answer to timeless questions about ghosts, ghouls and unexplainable phenomenon.

THE ART OF BUILDING BODIES      (26 x 30')    

Health / Lifestyle Series

The Art of Building Bodies is a fast-paced, practical, lifestyle TV show that explores and demystifies the world of getting – and staying – fit. Each half-hour episode focuses on the secrets of building sculpted, natural and defined muscles. Designed for both seasoned workout fanatics and couch potatoes needing a push to hit the gym, the series offers constructive insight and a unique perspective by demonstrating simple and innovative strategies to help viewers reach their goals.

COSMETIC INNOVATIONS     (39 x 30')    

Inspirational Beauty / Lifestyle Series

This hosted on location series is produced and designed by women, for women. A stylistic distinctive, weekly lifestyle program, Cosmetic Innovations demonstrates innovative anti-aging procedures, the latest in cosmetic products, holistic cosmetic remedies, cutting edge plastic surgery, laser technology, non-invasive procedures and the latest skin rejuvenation techniques.

SKIER’S WORLD     (188 x 30’ ongoing)

Sport / Travel

One of North America’s most enduring series, shot around the world, this series reveals the most unique, fun and exciting skier’s destinations worldwide. Each episode focuses on one specific site and for those who don’t know where to book their next ski trip it’s a great way to decide, as the resorts are explored from top to bottom.

FAMILY & FRIENDS     (26 x 30’)


An informative series that discusses common problems that evolve in close relationships. In each episode the host is accompanied by psychologists, and the show uses both dramatizations and real life experiences to help explain particular issues. Topics include single parent families, dealing with loss and disappointment, creative learning and family violence.



Ringing in the New Year, singing Olde Lange Syne, carving the turkey, dressing up in frightening costumes and kissing under the mistletoe are all well-known parts of many different celebrations. We take part in these rituals, but do we really know why? These one-hour documentaries which include Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentines Day and Thanksgiving, take us on a fascinating journey that explore the origins of our most treasured festivals.

GOOD DOG     (65 x 30’)


A series featuring the world renowned dog authority Dr. Stanley Coren, author of the international bestselling book, The Intelligence of Dogs. In each episode he meets with dog owners who want help in training their dogs to overcome behaviour problems, or just for fun and games. Lively and often funny footage reveals ways in which these dogs are trained. Dr. Coren also demonstrates tips and training techniques using his own dogs.

PET FRIENDS    (39 x 30’)


Hosted by Jenny Whittall and her dog Lucy, this series features the world of pets and the importance of responsible pet care & ownership. Topics covered include pet nutrition, veterinarian care, training, the many different characteristics of pets & breeds, treatments by alternative therapies and much more.

WOMEN’S WELLNESS     (22 x 30’)

Lifestyle / Health

From Sexuality, to Alternative Medicine, to Stress Management, this informative and entertaining series for women covers all the aspects of women’s health. Through on-location interviews and case studies, host Dr. Sue Taylor discovers the secrets of creating and maintaining wellness – for women.

DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT     (52 x 60’ and 13 x 60'HD)

Travel / Adventure in HD

The fifth cycle of this highly rated series continues, but this time in High Definition. The Passport team keeps on treckin’ with their unquenchable thirst for new people and places. This new series, hosted by veteran Canadian journalist Gord Sivell, takes us to never before seen areas of Laos, Thailand, on safari in Botswana, and to Namibia, Vietnam and Australia amongst other exotic locations.

HOMES BY DESIGN     (82 x 30’ and 13x30' HD)

Architecture / Design

A beautiful series featuring the most interesting architecture and design styles of Europe and North America. Homes By Design is an insightful look at the past, present and future of the wide range of architectural styles from single homes to magnificent villas.

DESIGN FOR LIVING     (26 x 30’ & 3 x 60’ Specials)

Lifestyle / Design

With fresh, dynamic style, this international design series guides viewers through the opulent chateaux of France to the funky streets of New York, making stops in the Deep South and the Far East along the way. Celebrity guests such as Bill Clinton and Erin Brockovich often drop by for a visit, and there’s always great advice on how to create the ultimate look for your home, inside and out.

MIKE  WIEGELE HELI SKIING     (5 x 30’) For selected territories only


For five great snowcapped seasons Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing has captured all the unrivaled action of the World Powder 8 Ski Championships, a globally renowned event. Dropped atop a mountain via helicopter, these extreme athletes begin a death defying descent.  See every jump, ride and slide.


CHICAGO BLUES JAM     (13 x 60’) available for selected territories

Music Performance

A hosted series of live performances from Buddy Guy’s Legends blues club in Chicago.  Multi-camera and album quality audio. Artists include Rod Piazza, Lonnie Brooks, James Harmon, Magic Slim, Keb Mo, Son Seals & Junior Wells w/Buddy Guy.



HIT THE SPOT     (52 x 30’)


This unique program will indulge your cravings for fun and food with two great hosts, wonderful food, entertaining interviews and a unique approach to dining. Hit The Spot is appetizing television that is sure to satisfy the senses.





Based on the best selling series of cookbooks by Jean Pare that explain quick and easy recipes made from everyday ingredients, Company’s Coming is a cooking show in which the host, Janice Ryan entertains a variety of guests from all walks of life: funny, interesting, everyday people who share a passion for cooking. Book deals also available.


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