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ARYAN SAGA   (1 X 60’ HD)


Perched in the mountains of India's north, Ladakh is famous for its desolate beauty but also known for the legendary inhabitation of pure-blooded Aryans in parts of the region. The Aryans of Ladakh, known as “Drok-pa”, stand out as tall and sharp-featured with big eyes and a fair complexion, numbering around 5,000 and have preserved their racial purity down the centuries. It is this racial purity that continues to attract visitors from Germany to study and research special related characteristics of these original inhabitants. It is a little known fact that even in this day and age, a few German couples continue to visit Ladakh to indulge in their obsession for racial purity. They come to adopt Aryan children and, in some cases, for the German female to couple with an Aryan male in the hope of bearing what they consider the 'racially superior seed'. Aryan Saga speaks candidly with couples in Germany who have been successful in rearing what they consider “Aryan progeny.” Seeking the answer the question - why this obsession with race? The documentary explores the various ethical, moral, psychological and legal issues involved in this strange and disturbing...but true phenomenon.



ALIEN LIFE is a cutting edge scientific documentary uncovering the latest developments in astro-biological research which leads to the first ever CGI creation of what alien life looks like. Every day scientists discover more and more about life, not only outside of our planet but on it as well. Using this new research astro-biologists are able to deduce not only where life may be found but also, what it will look like. This documentary walks through the process for discovering planets across the universe and how uncovering new information leads to greater understanding of life, not only Earth but on other planets too. For the first time ever this research has been used to digitally create a lifelike representation of alien life.



BADASS BEAUTY QUEEN is the story behind Miss World contestant Anastasia Lin using her beauty and brass to stand up against an oppressive juggernaut— the Chinese communist government. It’s a David vs. Goliath story except this time David is taking on Goliath in 6 inch heels. Drama, danger and fear follow Anastasia as she becomes the darling of the human rights community, traveling the globe to bring the world’s attention to an increasing list of China’s atrocities: the persecution of prisoners of conscience, religious persecution and forced human organ harvesting. All this while dealing with the heartbreak of having put her father’s life in danger. Full of glitz, glamour, and dramatic behind-the-scenes access, the documentary follows Anastasia as she gets on the front page of the New York Times, featured in Der Spiegel, Cosmopolitan, meets with the Dalai Lama, speaks at the U.N. and finally makes her way to the Miss World Finals.

SHARK DIVERS   (1 x 90’ HD)

Underwater / Ocean

SHARK DIVERS are people who study, photograph, interact with and even wrestle with some of the most terrifying creatures on earth. A select group of skilled professionals routinely work with, or near the animals out in the wild and in aquariums. This feature-length documentary focuses on this diverse and eclectic group – each with different motives in their unusual fields. Some are adrenaline junkies and many are staunch conservationists. Together, they form a community of people fascinated by sharks. Their enthusiasm (and fear) can be highly contagious! Learn all about the shark divers and the diverse group of graceful and powerful creatures they study – the tiger, lemon, mako, whale and the legendary great white sharks. Shark Divers gets up close and personal with the sharks and divers to share their passion and debunk the myth of the cold-blooded, man-eating shark.



They’re floating junkyards... moth-balled, decommissioned naval vessels, rotting away in dockyards around the world. Cutting them up for scrap is expensive, and leaving them to fall apart where they are is an ecological nightmare. Sounds like a job for...THE SHIPSINKERS. The Shipsinkers takes us inside the process of turning aging, rusting hulks into thriving artificial reefs – from initial cleaning and preparation to explosives rigging to the last minu e chaos as the clock counts down to zero. With exclusive archival materials from the early days of ship sinkings and stunning new high-definition footage, this program takes us on a journey from New Zealand, where a former frigate, the HMNZS Wellington, gets a new life underwater , to the British Columbia coast and the Florida Keys .



What does it mean to be an up-and-coming, stand-up comedian who isn’t white? Stand Up Toronto explores the experience of three comics from diverse cultural backgrounds as they navigate Toronto’s comedy circuit. As these comics chronicle their attempts to break through in the industry, as well as break the mold of the comedians who came before them, will they find a place to speak their truth in the complicated world we live in?



Guitar Sensation Jesse Cook teams-up with some of World Music's elite artists to create a potent new music hybrid. From recording sessions in Colombia with Latin Grammy winners Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto to a concert at the Montreal Jazz Festival before 70,000 people, Director Brian Adler explores Cook's latest chart-topping project, The Rumba Foundation. Featuring Colombia's Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Cuba's Chendy Leon, Sr. and Chendy Leon, Jr., Mexican-Canadian Amanda Martinez, Brazil's Maninho Costa, Samba Squad and many more.



Canadian guitar virtuoso captured live on stage at the Metropolis. Cook is a multiple Juno and Gemini Award winner with over 500,000 units sold in Canada alone. This special includes guest spots from Ron Sexsmith, Sophie Milman, Melissa McClelland and Samba Squad. Bonus features include an interview with Jesse as well as rehearsal and backstage footage. 19 tracks total.


Current Affairs/History

The Ezidis are one of mankind’s earliest monotheistic societies who have endured centuries of religious persecution as “Devil Worshipers”. Their religion is linked to the ancient Mesopotamian religions and it combines aspects of Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. There are well over a half million Ezidis living today in Iraq, Syria and Turkey and in 2014 an ongoing genocide by ISIS in Sinjar Province forced 50,000 Ezidis to flee into the nearby mountainous region. The film takes us to the heart of the Ezidis during the great annual pilgrimage, revealing their ancient vibrant rituals and customs…a rare tribute to the tolerant, pacifist, yet persecuted, people who are the Ezidis. They are now opening up to the outside world. This is their story.

SOAR  (1 x 60’ HD)


SOAR explores the evolving bond between two sisters: both are phenomenal dancers, one is a quadruple amputee from a childhood illness. Their art helps them define themselves, together and separately, and helps us redefine our idea of what is possible. SOAR celebrates the extraordinary ways that Kiera has learned to adapt and reveals Uriah’s part in helping her sister adjust. Tension arises when Uriah steps away, finally admitting her need to define herself as an individual. But a dance concert reunites them, rekindling their powerful bond as artists and sisters.

ART OF DARKNESS   (1 x 60' HD and 1 x 90’ HD)

Arts / Culture

Art of Darkness is a fascinating documentary intimately profiling controversial painter and world-famous performance artist Bryan Lewis Saunders. Bryan is renowned for his commitment to producing a self-portrait every day, which, to date, number well over 10,000. A complex individual with admitted psychopathic tendencies, Bryan narrates his dark, complex process and the experiences that have shaped him and how he uses art to help tame his inner demons. Bryan’s famed ‘drug series’ of self-portraits while under the influence of a variety of mind-altering substances, has made him an overnight viral Internet sensation garnering a legion of loyal fans worldwide.

A SPARK OF NERVE   (1 x 60' HD and 1 x 90’ HD)

Science / Medical / Social

A Spark of Nerve weaves together the extraordinary stories of Loren, Michael, Chelsey and other trauma patients who fight their way back from paralysis thanks to Dr. Mackinnon, a 1975 graduate of Queen’s University School of Medicine, Canada and a mother of four. The film follows the charismatic Mackinnon and her patients for three years, from the examining room to the operating room, as their emotional stories unfold—from trauma and disappointment to hope and finally healing as the joy and freedom of movement is slowly regained.

F FOR FRANCO   (1 x 90’ HD)

Arts / Culture

With books, art shows, and director credits on his resume, one cannot call James Franco an actor and leave it at that. Franco has always had a strong interest in art and writing, and with the success of his more commercial feature film work came his realization that ”Now is the time” for him to make the films he wants to, and to direct projects, write, and create art on his own terms, fulfilling his unique vision. Francisco J. Ricardo is an author, art theorist, and filmmaker who taught Franco at the Rhode Island School of Design, and it was here that Ricardo began to explore what inspires these less commercial, more artistically free films and projects. This documentary delves into an early portion of this large body of work, some based on projects he did in years past, others his artistic answer to critics and those who desire to use his name to snag their own piece of celebrity. Based on hours of personal interviews between Ricardo and Franco, and footage from his archives, F For Franco takes us on a visually unconventional journey into Franco’s mind and artistic process, inviting us not merely to look at, but to experience his more unusual projects.


Social / Culture

The rules are simple: 30 days, 678 games. No online purchases. Follow video game rock star, Jay Bartlett, a fanatic collector over 10,000 miles as he pursues his dream to own a complete official North American NES library. Along the way, Jay’s best friend and filmmaker, Rob McCallum, examines the enduring legacy of the NES and the power of Nintendo culture while racing to finish a secret list of ten games he’s wanted to collect for a long time. Expect amazing game collections, legendary gamers and some of the rarest video games ever!

MISSING MOM   (1 x 90’ HD)


Film director, Rob McCallum, hits the road with his brother, Chris, a police officer, in hopes of finding their Mom who’s been missing without a trace for almost 25 years. The pair interview reluctant family members, discover distorted truths about their past, and follow a series of cryptic clues cross-country in a tale that’s full of suspense and mystery, but fueled by the importance of family. In an era where the idea of the nuclear family feels more like a myth, Missing Mom resonates with all audiences and will simultaneously give viewers a cold dose of reality and warm their hearts.

FOREVER DAD   (1 x 60’ HD)


Thomas, a photographer, suddenly loses contact with his son following a parental abduction. To deal with his grief and attempt to understand what has befallen him, Thomas embarks on an artistic project to make portraits of Pierre, Ricardo and Tony, three fathers in the same situation as himself. Emotionally poignant, strongly touching and culturally significant, Forever Dad resonates deeply with today’s parents and families.

TOUCHING LIFE  (1 x 60’ HD)(English and French versions)


Touching Life brings the viewer into the inspiring world of a visually impaired couple raising their seven year old son. Yuko, originally from Japan, now lives in Vancouver with her husband Thilo, both of whom lost their sight in their twenties. In this ode to happiness, where life is felt rather than seen, we learn about the lives of Yuko and Thilo and how they pursed their dream of overcoming their disability, falling in love and reaching their ultimate goal of becoming parents. Because their son Kurtis is sighted, he becomes the link between the worlds of shadows and light. He lends them his sight while his parents raise him into adulthood. By delving into the lives of Yuko, Thilo and Kurtis, we rediscover our own. They remind us of a truth we can’t see with our own eyes: that love makes the invisible luminous.


Social / Culture

Passionate video game collector Jay Bartlett has always had one dream: to own a complete library of EVERY original Nintendo game – all 678. Enter best friend, and film director, Rob McCallum. Rob dares Jay to go after his dream of an entire NES library but with a few twists: Jay has only thirty days, has to use his own money, and can’t use the Internet in any way. An eye-opening, universally-relatable, personal journey, there’s never been a more fun, engaging documentary that captures its subject material like Nintendo Quest. It’s a steep challenge of all or nothing with no cheat codes – GAME ON!

BITTER HONEY   (1 x 90’ HD)


Bitter Honey emotionally presents an intimate and emotionally charged portrait of three polygamous families in Bali, Indonesia. Following these families over a seven-year period, the film portrays the personal plight of Balinese co-wives, for whom marriage is frequently characterized by psychological manipulation, infidelity, domestic violence, and economic hardship. Living in a society where men have authority in many domains, these women have little voice in steering or protesting the conditions of their domestic lives. Bitter Honey draws attention to their struggle, documents the work of those taking steps to better protect and empower them, and aims to trigger a wider conversation about contemporary polygamy and women’s rights in Indonesia.

FRITZ   (1 x 60’ HD)


When Ben and Mike discover Fritz, he’s hit a tough patch in life. His girlfriend of ten years, Darlene, recently passed away. He has a tumultuous relationship with his brother Vince, who thinks his dreams of being a professional artist are foolish and unabashedly throws his failures in his face. Lastly, Fritz’s hearing issues cause him to struggle in social situations. He has few friends. They photograph Fritz, his work and convince him to build a new art studio in his rundown basement. Finally they take a road trip to NYC to visit a huge art fair and show Fritz how America has turned fine art collecting into a shopping mall experience. A surprise twist ending reveals what “making it” in the art world is all about.


Social / Culture

For the first time in history, more children suffer from mental health conditions than from physical ones. Parents are coping with staggering levels of anger, aggression, and other behaviour problems. Experts in child development believe the problem is going to get worse, not better, because too many parents are too busy, too stressed, or too poor to invest in the most important time in a child’s life: the first six years. We can solve this problem, for a fraction of what it costs to fix the damage. Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents follows children and parents enrolled in three ground breaking interventions. These programs work with parents and kids to help children master the skills they need to do well in life, like self-control and self-regulation. From middle-class kids to children of poverty, we witness young lives transformed, social problems solved, and billions of taxpayer dollars saved.

SKIN MOVERS  (1 x 60’ HD)


Skin Movers uncovers the hidden world of Taxidermy in the small, harsh-weathered mining town of Craig Colorado. There are eight passionate eight taxidermists living and working in Craig and this unique film gives an inside look into their lives, the lengthy process of their elaborate art, the tensions of competition and above all, their unbridled passion for the craft.



Imagine a book that is so toxic that rigorous hand-washing is required after coming into contact with it. This book in question is a 1938 copy of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto. Karen and Fred Mandell of Boston, parents of filmmaker Hinda Mandell, have displayed this book upside down on their bookshelf for decades. Fred Mandell’s uncle – a Jewish-American soldier – brought home the book from Germany at the end of World War II. With a bare-bones inscription on the inside cover, the filmmakers – spearheaded by director Matthew White – investigate the power of family lore as they track down the original owners of the Mein Kampf. “The Upside Down Book” seeks to build bridges between two different families nearly 70 years after the end of World War II.

OF OOZIES AND ELEPHANTS  (1 x 60’ and 1 X 90' HD )


Asian elephants are the stars of our film and tragically, they are on the road to extinction. Burmese timber elephants are semi-captive and Myanmar (Burma) is the last country in the world to have working elephants logging their forests. Each timber elephant has its own ‘oozie’ - meaning ‘head-rider’ – a relationship that can last a lifetime. The elephant becomes one of the family, yet they are semi-captive – let out at night and fetched by the oozie in the morning for work. They take out one tree at a time without damaging saplings: selective logging. Nonetheless, both in the wild and in captivity, elephant numbers are declining - as they have in the rest of Asia already. They could all be gone in a hundred years. In this absorbing film, international scientists travel through Myanmar to investigate whether working in this way may yet save this critically endangered species from extinction. To find out what is happening, a team of international scientists led by Dr Khyne U Mar visits Myanmar, with its astonishing temples and forests. She discovers in Yangon (Rangoon) a cache of ancient records, started by the British, which show that a third of young elephants do not survive beyond the age of 5. In the forest rest camps the scientists weigh, measure and check the health of the elephants, old and young, and test for diseases such as TB. Travelling north by train and boat to the logging camps in the mountains, the team assess the stress put on the elephants by various factors, including the logging itself. Surrounded by baby and teenager elephants, they reach the unexpected conclusion that, unlike Thailand where logging was banned and the elephant population collapsed, logging with elephants should continue in Myanmar.

OFF THE FLOOR  (1 x 60’ and 1 X 90' HD )


Off The Floor is a stunning documentary about the emerging art of contemporary aerial dance and how it has evolved into a movement of feminine empowerment and self- expression. The film follows the personal journey of one dancer, Jessica Anderson-Gwin, a trained hip-hop and modern choreographer with a unique vision of blending modern dance with aerial fitness. She forms the first ever contemporary pole dance company, Jagged, and with her passionate and visionary recruits learns what it takes to share an artistic vision with the world and bring one’s dreams to life From the technical hurdles of having special equipment not designed for most venues, to the constant emotional drain of defending her art to skeptics, Jessica confronts challenges most dancers have never faced. Yet with every performance, whether a live full-length dance show or a televised national competition, Jessica and the ladies of Jagged always defy expectations. Off The Floor is the timeless story of how passion and vision can change the world, one performance at a time.



Based on footage shot in the early seventies and lost for more than thirty years, NAAP Image Award winner Esther Anderso takes us on a journey to Jamaica and into 56 Hope Road, Kingston, to see and hear the young Bob Marley before he was famous. The film shows us the Wailers first rehearsal, when the idea of a Jamaican supergroup like the Beatles or the Stones was still just a dream. We sit in on the launch of their international career with Get Up Stand Up, I Shot the Sheriff, and the Burnin’ and Catch a Fire albums that brought to the world Reggae music and Rasta consciousness together as one, starting a revolution that would change rock music and contemporary culture.

CAT SHOW  (1 x 60’ HD)(and 6 x 30’ series in development)


Cat Shows are a serious hobby for people all over the world, in fact, there is most likely a cat show happening in your local hall nearby this very weekend. These shows are addictive, and everyone has different reasons for taking part, but one thing everyone will agree on, is that everyone does it most of all for the fun of it. Featured in CAT SHOW is Carly, an exceptional 27 year old young blind woman from Ireland, now living in Oxford. Every spare moment she devotes to her five Persian cats who share her home with her. Most weekends she joins her friends at cat shows with one or two of her cats, Tango and Gabby, often travelling long distances with them to get to the shows. Along the way we also meet Carly's friends and other high-energy (and sometimes a bit nutty!) people and their cats at the shows, all from different walks of life. The film follows several shows, from a Christmas show in the UK midlands with a serious cat dress up competition, to a show in Ireland where we also meet Carly's family from Northern Ireland along the way. Carly was once told she should never take part in cat shows because of her blindness. Now she is proving them all wrong, and her unique cats are on their way to becoming Grand Champions.

CAT SHOW  (1 x 60’ HD)(and 6 x 30’ series in development)


Cat Shows are a serious hobby for people all over the world, in fact, there is most likely a cat show happening in your local hall nearby this very weekend. These shows are addictive, and everyone has different reasons for taking part, but one thing everyone will agree on, is that everyone does it most of all for the fun of it. Featured in CAT SHOW is Carly, an exceptional 27 year old young blind woman from Ireland, now living in Oxford. Every spare moment she devotes to her five Persian cats who share her home with her. Most weekends she joins her friends at cat shows with one or two of her cats, Tango and Gabby, often travelling long distances with them to get to the shows. Along the way we also meet Carly's friends and other high-energy (and sometimes a bit nutty!) people and their cats at the shows, all from different walks of life. The film follows several shows, from a Christmas show in the UK midlands with a serious cat dress up competition, to a show in Ireland where we also meet Carly's family from Northern Ireland along the way. Carly was once told she should never take part in cat shows because of her blindness. Now she is proving them all wrong, and her unique cats are on their way to becoming Grand Champions.

LIFE WITH ALEX  (1 x 60’ HD)


'Life with Alex' is a fascinating documentary about the groundbreaking work of Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her African Grey parrot, Alex, who is the first animal in the world to be taught meaningful English speech. Considered an ambassador from the animal kingdom, Alex has been featured in newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, and on news and science programs all across the world. Alex's feats are astounding - he asks for food when he's hungry, asks to 'go back' to his perch when he's tired, and a 'showa'--spray bottle--when he wants to wash. In his training sessions, he can distinguish an object's color, material, and shape, and he can understand letters and numbers. Beyond Alex's jaw-dropping performances lies the deeply emotional impression that Alex made on his fans around the world. To those who worked closest to him, his unexpected and untimely death marked the end of a unique and magical world that Alex created. A documentary that touches both mind and heart, 'Life with Alex' shares the incredible life story of a bird who made a fantasy into reality



Volcanoes are the most extreme, dramatic, and explosive forces of nature on our planet. Volcanoes have produced many of the most valuable minerals – and most of the arable soil on earth. Every day, they are exploding around the world. When the Yellowstone Super Volcano blows (and it is now 48,000 years overdue to do so), it will destroy most of life on North America. Award-winning filmmaker Peter Rowe has climbed and filmed 19 volcanoes, and tells the story of them, the adventures of climbing them, the people who live beside them, and the scientists who risk their lives to study them, in “Volcanic Planet”. He also convinces his climbing partner George Kourounis to get married (!?) on the exploding lip of one of them. Filmed in Congo, Iceland, Italy, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Tonga, Turkey, Guatemala, New Zealand, Costa Rica and under the Pacific Ocean, “Volcanic Planet” is a fast-paced high-voltage tour of the world’s most active smoking mountains.



Dog Dancing School is a humorous and heart-warming film about two amateur Dog Dancing enthusiasts and their teacher at a small Dog Dancing School on the outskirts of London. The Swindon Dog Dancing School is run by Angela, who used to compete in Dog Shows and has appeared on TV performing Dog Dancing routines, but in recent years, she has decided to take more of a supportive role, by teaching other people at her small school held in a Church Hall in the Former Industrial town of Swindon, in England. We focus on two members of the school, both beginners in the Art of Dog Dancing, and each with different characters and aspirations. We follow Angela, and her members of the Dog School over six months as they train and prepare for various local shows and displays, ultimately leading up to their first big professional show. They have difficulties and challenges along the way, but together with their enthusiasm and guidance from their passionate teacher, they may just make it.


True Crime

Despite its constant political unrest, Bangkok is still a very popular tourist destination, but the main character in this true crime documentary is not there as a tourist. He’s not even there as a business traveler. To be honest, he really doesn’t want to be there at all, so why he is, Keith Jones, waiting at Bangkok station for an overnight train to Chiang Mai? This story is one of deceit, theft, police incompetence, international loopholes and the apathy of a major corporate bank. It is also his story of how almost entirely on his own he tracked down a sophisticated gang of fraudsters who scammed him out of over $100K in fraudulent investment.


Historical Drama

Starring Gordon Pinsent, R.H. Thompson & Jonathan Welsh. The dramatic and exciting movie re-creation of the take-over of the US Embassy in Teheran by Islamic students that started the 444 Day Iran hostage crisis. This exciting movie also reveals the story of how 6 Americans escaped from the embassy, were hidden by Canadian diplomats, given false Canadian passports and then flown to freedom. • Intl. Film & TV Festival of N.Y. – Bronze



Documentary featuring the six hostages who escaped from US embassy compound in Iran in 1979 at the start of the 444 day hostage crisis and were sheltered and ex-filtrated by Canadian staff such as charge d'affaires Ken Taylor and the Sheardowns. Includes interview with Flora Macdonald re the false Canadian passports issued by Canadian Govt.



This documentary, winner of three Canadian Gemini Awards and narrated by William Shatner, offers an in-depth portrait of the events encompassed by the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 to 1981, when 52 Americans were held by fundamentalist Iranian students deeply disturbed by the course of American policy in their native land. Attention is given to the American reaction to the crisis, both inside and outside of the country. The focus here is on the conduct of the hostages themselves and how they managed to survive within such a volatile situation. Also included is some discussion on the implications of the crisis on American foreign policy.




A two-hour documentary which recreates for the viewer one of the greatest battles in Canadian military history. The film was made to show that Canadian character at its best, forging an identity for a country that before the First World War had been seen only as a British colony - an identity and a character that became recognized and respected throughout Europe.

Part 2 - SAM'S ARMY

Canada was led to war by a bigoted, ignorant, self-obsessed Minister of Militia, who may well have been clinically insane, but the importance of Canada's contribution in that war owes a great deal to him. The man of course, was Colonel - later made Lieutenant General by his own hand - Sam Hughes.

Part 3 - THE LAST 100 DAYS

Canadian military accomplishments in the last hundred days of World War I, when the German Army was destroyed, surpassed those of any other army. The Canadian success was, in no small measure, due to Arthur Currie, whom a recent British historian describes as "the most successful Allied General and one of the least well known."


For many, WW1 marks the beginning of nationhood. But the cost to Canada was high - nearly one in ten of her soldiers was killed. The moving story of Canada at war and on the home front is told using soldiers' letters, period songs, archival footage, photographs and posters. Topics include: trench warfare, the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, women's role, recruitment and conscription and casualties.

THE ROAD TO WAR (1 x 30')

Topics include: Complex system of alliances/rivalries that leads Europe into armed conflict in 1914. Initially, Wilson and U. S. walk neutrality tightrope. Election issues in 1916. Ties to Great Britain, and incidents on high seas lead U.S. into conflict in 1917. Creating a fighting force and economic/industrial support for war effort. Intolerance of divergent ideas on the home front.


How does a world war start? It's roots lie in a tectonic battle of international power and influence, a conflict so overpowering that it can drag entire countries into it's terrifying vortex. In this program we examine specifically how World War I and II started with the powder keg of struggling European colonial powers, politics and alliances. A fascinating look at one of the most important periods of modern history.

TO END ALL WARS? (1 x 30')

Topics include: Before U.S. troops arrive in Europe, Germany defeats Russia and moves toward Paris. Labor unrest at home. Allies push German troops back to border; high casualties; Wilson's Fourteen Points. Short- and long-term fallout from Paris Peace talks. Turbulent times for country: racial and labor unrest, Red scare.

HELLBOUND?   (1 X 60’ and 1 x 90’ HD)


For many people, belief in hell as a place of eternal torment for the wicked is an indisputable tenet of Christian orthodoxy. In their view, rejecting or modifying this belief is tantamount to rejecting Christianity, itself. But a growing number of believers disagree. They argue that we can have a loving God or we can have hell, but we can’t have both. Hellbound? is a provocative, critically acclaimed documentary that wades right into the center of this debate. Featuring interviews with controversial Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll; screenwriting guru (and atheist) Robert McKee; self-proclaimed exorcist Bob Larson; the purveyors of a “hell house” in Dallas, TX; “Oderous Urungus,” lead singer of the rock band GWAR; and the notorious Westboro Baptists, Hellbound? presents a challenging, eclectic and entertaining mixture of views from across the theological spectrum. Does hell exist? If so, who goes there, and why? Hellbound? is a probing, incendiary journey that ensures viewers will never look at hell the same way again.

I AM NOT A ROCK STAR   (1 x 60' HD and 1 x 90 HD)


Filmed over eight years by award-winning director Bobbi Jo Hart, I AM NOT A ROCK STAR follows the dramatic coming of age story of classical phenom Marika Bournaki from age 12 to 20. Hart's film amounts to a front row seat in the unfolding of a life and the forming of a personality. Shot in verite style in concert halls, hotels and airports around the world -- and featuring stunning piano performances - the film turns Bournaki's life into a visual narrative, revealing both the rewards and costs of a life dedicated to music excellence.



Robot Warriors examines the science, the technology and the impact that robotic warfare has on our society today. Once the domain of science fiction, US military’s Predator and Reaper UAV drones, Israel’s G-Nius armed patrol vehicles and Protector naval boat, ‘killer robots’ have become reality and are being developed at an explosive pace. While advances in robotics have the potential to greatly enhance military strength while reducing the number of combat casualties, the artificial intelligence required is the cause of much concern and research into the broader implications of this new technology. This fascinating investigation identifies the militaries at the cutting edge of war robotics in the race to develop ever more advanced robotic infantry and other valuable robotic ground force assets. Robot Warriors tackles the subject at the very core of this technological revolution -- how will it transform the world’s armies, a soldier’s role and a nation’s power in the 21st century?


Current Affairs

Freedom of religion: it's a right that many of us enjoy to its fullest extent. However, in some parts of the world, the ability to practice one's faith and beliefs can come with a dangerous and demoralizing price. Persecuted Christians exposes and explores some of the atrocities and inhumanities that persecuted Christians are facing in Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan. Moving personal stories are told of a group of families who have suffered greatly for their faith. They’ve escaped oppression in their home countries to rebuild their lives in other countries, while often leaving behind loved ones who continue to be in danger.

spOILed   (1 X 90’ HD )

Current Affairs

Most people today believe we are “addicted” to oil. Nothing could be further from the truth. Addictions destroy lives. Oil is your life! Petroleum is the foundation of the modern world providing everything from the fuel for nearly all transportation to the plastics and petrochemicals that are in virtually every product. Yet most people believe oil is a dirty sin. How can this be? spOILed takes a provocative, often humorous and ultimately frightening look at the deceptions surrounding our understanding of oil. It exposes those responsible for the deception, including high-powered politicians such as Sen. Jeff Bingaman and Energy Secretary Bill Richardson. The film reveals the media’s anti-oil bias, skewering Bill O’Reilly and ABC News, among others. The world’s most important energy experts (Michael Economides, Robert Bryce, Jon Hofmeister and more) explain why the world had better wake up to our spOILed existence because oil demand is outpacing supply and a sudden disruption would have catastrophic consequences. There is no alternative to oil and there won’t be for a long time. A society that believes its very lifeblood is bad and can be eliminated is one that sets itself up for a very hard fall. This highly-stylized, fun, yet sober documentary leaves viewers with an unsettling appreciation for what they once called an “addiction”. stand


True Crime

Behind one of Chicago's most famous murder cases is a story about an immigrant family's failed attempt to achieve the American Dream. Yoon Myung and Tai Sook Suh immigrated to America for a better life for their children, Andrew and Catherine. But their pursuit of happiness quickly became riddled with misfortune, culminating on September 25, 1993, when Andrew shot and killed his older sisterʼs fiancé of eight years, Robert OʼDubaine, at Catherineʼs bidding. Those closest to Andrew expressed shock and disbelief: how could a young man with a promising future allow himself to be convinced into committing murder? As the Suhʼs complex history unfolds, issues of cultural assimilation, traditional values and justice are examined, raising questions of guilt, innocence and the illusive gray area in between.

I DIED   (1 X 60’ HD and 13 x 30’ HD in development)


“I Died” is a stand-along documentary and a docudrama series that brings to life the near death accounts of people who where clinically dead, but lived to tell their stories. It presents the latest scientific research on the near death experience phenomenon, and suggests possible answers to the age old question, “What happens to us when we die?” Each episode focuses on three near death accounts that provide an emotional hook related to the episode’s theme. Many who have had near death experiences believe that, for one brief moment, they were standing in the threshold of another existence. For some, that moment has defined their purpose in life. Others, look to science for an explanation. As different as these two types of people are, the thing they have in common is an opinion, often times a strong one, as to whether there is life after death. Believe it or not, we might be getting closer to finding out the answer.


True Crime

'Somebody call 911. I just shot Amy' - Amy's husband Vince, just after he stepped out his front door. Words he said calmly to Amy's parents and young children as they sat in the driveway waiting. The police arrived, finding Amy in the living room, a bag containing bottles, diapers and onesies lying beside her dead body. Lots of people knew - but only small bits and pieces. Her husband was a 'jerk.' He hassled her co-workers. He always carried a gun, and he'd threatened her with death before. Her murder was inevitable, but wasn't apparent to anyone. Told by an impassioned police detective through an exhaustive investigation, together with the courts, Amy's friends, and her family, 'Telling Amy's Story' creates a disturbing, and exasperating picture of a life that was.

A POET ON THE FRONTLINE   (1 x 90’ and 1 x 60’ HD )

Socio-Political / History

A Poet on the Frontline is a window into the incredible and dangerous world of Ryszard Kapuscinski, the daredevil war correspondent and author of 18 books. One of the most important literary voices today, Kapuscinski has spent his life struggling to stay alive on foreign battlefields and struggling to stay published in the face of censorship in his native Poland. Known as 'Indiana Jones with a notepad,' he is a legend among his peers who has been looking for the truths of human experience in the most dangerous places. Filmmaker Gabrielle Pfeiffer traveled with Kapuscinski to four countries, capturing his true character, his passion, his humor and his demons. Her film unfolds in an engaging episodic format in which the echoes of Kapuscinski's childhood as a war refugee interweave with his later experiences on the battlefields of the Third World in a poetic reverie of the tragedy and the absurdity of war.

ADELE’S WISH   (1 X 60’)


Adele's Wish is the controversial story behind the world’s most valuable painting, the “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Baur I” by Gustav Klimt. The film recounts the remarkable story of a 92 year-old Los Angeles woman's struggle to recover five Klimt paintings that were stolen from her family by the Nazi’s in 1938. For nearly a decade, Maria Altmann and her lawyer, Randol Schoenberg, battled Austria for the return of these incredibly valuable paintings. The paintings were considered national treasures by Austria and were proudly displayed in Vienna’s Belvedere Museum for over 60 years. Although it began as a legal dispute, the struggle quickly turned into a political, cultural and ethical confrontation. In the process, Austria was forced to re-examine not only its role in Nazi art thefts, but also its anti-Semitic past.

JAZZ DREAMS 2   (1 x 90’ HD )


Jazz Dreams 2 follows three young jazz musicians from New Orleans for fourteen years as they embark on difficult careers. The film features Jason Marsalis, the youngest member of the famed Marsalis family; Irvin Mayfield, a Grammy Award winning trumpet player/composer; and Courtney Bryan, a sensitive pianist attending the arts high school that graduated Wynton Marsalis, Nicholas Peyton, and Harry Connick Jr. We watch them grow from high school, through the death and destruction of Hurricane Katrina, to becoming Grammy Award winning musicians, parents and entrepreneurs. It is a compelling story about committed young black Americans who are determined to keep America's most original art form alive and vibrant.The film is bursting with music and includes appearances by Wynton Marsalis, Ellis Marsalis, and Gordon Parks.

THE ICE HOTEL   (1 x 60’ 3D and 1 x 60’ HD)


For as long as he can remember, Jacques Desbois has been passionate about winter. Growing up in the snow capital of the world, Quebec, Canada, he found enjoyment in winter but was particularly fascinated with the elements of snow and ice. How did people live outside in that environment? He set out to build an igloo and was hooked. In 2001, he fulfilled one of his dreams and built the first Ice Hotel in North America “Hotel De Glace”. Each year, 150 passionate workers help to create this incredible structure that’s filled with themed ice sculptures representing various cultures and geography. This magnificent Ice Hotel contains 36 guest rooms, a grand hall, a bar for 400 people and even an Ice Chapel that provides for at least 30 weddings per season. In this stunningly original new documentary, history, architecture and culture are highlighted, along with breathtaking, unforgettable cinematography.

Quebec Winter Carnival   (1 x 60’ 3D AND 1 x 60’ HD)


This 3Ddocumentary special takes us to one of the most colourful and elaborate celebrations on earth where both human creativity and glorious cultures come together. The Quebec Winter Carnival is the world’s largest winter Carnival. It celebrates everything about winter with all sorts of unique competitions and celebrations - from Canoe races across the St. Lawrence River to horse racing with sleds, dog-sledding, skating, ice sculptures, food, music and fun.

Faces of a Vanishing World  (1x 60' HD special)

Lifestyle / Arts

At the age of 19, Joey Lawrence is currently the most sought after young photographer in the world. His impressive commercial work includes the infamous poster and publicity for the Twilight films, Forbes magazine covers and more. Despite his amazing success, Joey’s passion in life is to travel to the most remote locations on our planet and take iconic portraits. From livi ng with tribes in Ethiopia and cannibals in India to spending time with autoworkers in Detroit and musicians in New Orleans, viewers get a front row seat to experience life through the lens of one of the most promising young artists in the world today.

Into the Arctic 2   (1x 90' and 1 x 60’ HD)

Travel / Adventure / Arts

For years, artist Cory Trépanier has explored some of the wildest places in the North. Few have walked in these landscapes and even fewer have captured them on canvas. Now he’s going further, into remote lands that are more challenging and more dangerous. Into a breathtaking arctic wilderness to experience and paint a land that might never be the same again. Through three months of filming and a dozen arctic locations, Cory brings his fresh perspective to the hidden treasures at the top of the world. Experience the majesty of the North through stunning cinematography and the dramatic experiences of a passionate painter and adventurer.

The People vs. Betty Gooch   (1x 60’ HD)

Crime / Human Interest

In 2004, an elderly grandmother is arrested in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago - and Betty Gooch becomes an instant tabloid media sensation. But who is Betty Gooch? Just another little old lady struggling with ill-heath and low income? Or an unhinged criminal sociopath using rubber checks to scam car dealerships? The People vs. Betty Gooch discovers that these questions don't come with simple answers. With exclusive access to Ms. Gooch, this provocative documentary examines the old-boy connections among her "victims," investigates an outrageous ethical failing of her lead attorney, and looks beyond conventional notions of right and wrong to suggest that judgment itself comes with its own moral risks.

Viva! Saint Agrippina   (1x 90’ HD)


Viva! Saint Agrippina is a documentary that takes place in Boston’s historical North End. Since 1914, The Saint Agrippina Benefit Society have been hosting an annual feast in honor of the martyred Saint, a tradition which originated in Mineo, Sicily. Society members tell the tales of Saint Agrippina’s spirit and tragic life. Rather than exhibiting any heavy religious point of views this film focuses on the stories of her devoted members and how she inspires them to reunite each year to celebrate family, friends and this age-old Sicilian tradition. Viva! Saint Agrippina takes you through the proceedings of the feast from pre-planning, behind the scenes, and finally to the lively 3-day event which takes place each year on the first weekend of August.

Gambling Boys (1 X 60' HD M+E)
Social / Culture
Featuring three youths ranging in age from 14 to 21, this documtenatary delves in to the new and ever-changing world of teen gambling, a seductive world that offers up excitement and the allure of making fast money, but can also lead to damaging consequences. Through our narrator and the boys themselves, this hard-hitting documentary penetrates into an unknown world that many are not aware exists – a life of risk, consequence and addiction.

When Two Won't Do (1 X 90')
A remarkable and controversial documentary about polyamory and its rewards and pitfalls. Maureen Marovitch believes in polyamory, the philosophy of simultaneously loving more than one person. David Finch, her live-in boyfriend, does not and he is far from silent about his wish that Maureen break up with her two other boyfriends and settle down with him. So to settle the
conflict, Marovitch and Finch chose a most untraditional tack; they decide to make together an uncensored and heartfelt point-of-view film about it.

Steve Fisher: Black Book (1 X 60' HD M+E)
Sport / Adventure / Travel
Over the course of the last ten years an athlete has emerged who has defined the sport of whitewater kayaking. Growing up in South Africa, Steve Fisher has had a paddle in his hand since the age of 5. Developing his skills on the Zambezi River, Fisher takes us on a 10-year journey, providing insight as to what it takes to become one of the world’s most dominant kayakers. This film spans the globe, capturing Fisher and friends living their dream.

Oil and Water (1 X 60' HD)
Adventure / Travel / Eco
A point-of-view story of two world-class kayakers, good friends who embark on the longest-ever petroleumfree road trip, traveling over 21,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina in a retro-fitted Japanese fire engine named Baby. After converting the truck’s regular diesel engine to run on any kind of natural oil, Seth Warren and Tyler Bradt journeyed for over a year through 16 countries; an endless summer adventure of paddling, driving, exploring and promoting alternative fuel sources.

Women with Altitude     (1 X 60') (For canada Only)
Social / Adventure
Women with Altitude tells the story of a women's mountaineering team on their quest to climb three high-altitude peaks in the Bolivian Andes. But they are not just seven women—they are the survivors and the family and friends of survivors of domestic violence, determined to re-define their limits. Indeed, they will have to summon unparalleled strength and will to overcome the challenges in store for them on Huayna Potosí, the imposing monolith looming 20,000-ft overhead. Struck by rockfall, severe weather, dissension, and altitude illness, the team's climb becomes a breathtaking and triumphant visual metaphor for finding the strength to overcome life's most colossal ordeals.

Strike Dice: Betting on My Father    (1 X 60')
Social Documentary
The moving story of a daughter’s search to find her father, an addicted gambler, when he is reported missing in Las Vegas. With little information to go on, she eventually finds him, but he bears little resemblance to the father she once knew. Homeless, gaunt, and unwashed, he lives day-to-day on the streets of Vegas, and is unwilling to acknowledge his addiction and accept the help he needs. STRIKE DICE!... chronicles director Natalie Picoe’s struggle to get her father off the streets and back into society and to find acceptance with a less than perfect father.

Social Documentary
Demonic possession-the frontline in the eternal battle of good vs. evil. Around the world in widely varying cultures, millions of people believe that the devil and demons can possess a human body. Thousands of cases are reported each year. Are such cases real? Do demons really take over the bodies and souls of innocent people? Or are the answers to such troubling cases found in the more prosaic realm of human psychology? While examining the influence of religion, faith and psychology, Enigma: Exorcism will expose the realities of the fascinating world of demonic possession.

CAT CALL     (1 X 60')
Social Documentary
Cat Call is a investigative documentary behind the new social term ‘Cougar ‘– the female kind. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is commonly used in reference to older women dating younger men. The term has burrowed its way into contemporary pop culture. Cat Call strives is to understand exactly what the term means and what it’s social ramifications are to women in a society where men still tend to have the upper hand.

HUMBLE BEAUTY: SKID ROW ARTISTS     (1 X 60' North American territories only)
Social Documentary
This is a story about uniquely talented homeless and formerly homeless men and women who, despite a daily struggle for survival, create art in the worst area of Los Angeles known as Skid Row. It’s also about the ubiquity of art in human life. Mankind strives to make art, no matter how humble the circumstances.

THE BULLY'S MARK     (1 X 60' HD)
Social Documentary
Many fantasize about returning to school to confront the kids who made life a living hell, but Erin Thomson actually did it. This doc follows Erin on an odyssey back to her old junior high to confront her bullies. Along the way, she meets modern-day victims, who, with the advent of all-too-pervasive technology, find themselves bullied 24-7. This is a disturbing look at a problem that all the anti-bullying programs on the planet have been unable to solve. Why are some kids bullies and some kids targets? And why are there so many silent bystanders?

Social/Crime/International Affairs
Would you put your life on the line to film a “killer” documentary? To ride on a mission with the porampo—pirates who take no prisoners? Porampo: Pirates of the Malacca Straits takes you on a journey deep inside the world of 21st century high seas piracy. This 52-minute HD documentary focuses on one of the world’s most dangerous waterways, where sailors are assaulted by AK-47 and grenade-wielding pirates who board with grappling hooks. Two merchant mariners travel through Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in their quest to meet a gang of modern day pirates. An ex-pirate with the scars of grenades and knives tells his story. Along the way there are interviews with police, fishing villagers and ship’s crews. It all builds to the film’s pinnacle: a real nighttime pirate raid in a fast boat.

STEALING MARY     (1 X 60' HD)
STEALING MARY is a high-budget docu-drama telling the story of two skulls currently residing in a Scottish museum that sparked a modern-day forensic investigation into the 1819 murder of an Indian Chief and the brutal abduction of his wife, “Mary”. They were the last of the Beothuk of Newfoundland –an aboriginal race who painted themselves red and who inspired the English term “Red Indian”. Using CSI style filming, this is also a gripping “whodunit” special.

KINGDOM OF WOMEN     (1 X 60')  
Social/Anthropology Doc
High above the mountains in South Western China, where Yunnan and Sichuan border each other, lies the seldom-visited Lugu Lake. Along its banks, we find the Mosuo people who have continuously practiced the matriarchal systems for centuries. Whether out of volition, or of necessity, the Mosuo women have taken on leader ship in their society for the past two thousand years. In the Mosuo households, the eldest female dominates every aspect of the daily lives and are the principal, if not the sole providers for each household. There is no marriage contract in any real sense and the offspring resulting from these unions are taken and raised by the women and their clans. Secluded in their own corner of the world, life in this matrilineal society has remained tranquil because its people have held on to their religious beliefs; however, fears that the way of the Mosuo may die are now becoming real urgent concerns. In his interview, the Mosuo Lama, Yeshe Tsultim predicts a short-lived future for the Mosuo way of life.

Bighorn Showdowns is an Alberta shot film on the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. It covers all the behaviors of the rutting season and shows close and exciting wild action as they engage in spectacular confrontations.

Feathered Friends is a film on the rare and exciting behaviors of birds in western Canada. It covers many species from the hummingbirds to the golden eagles along with falconry and bird banding.

Sheep and Grizzly Country is a two part film covering the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and the mountain grizzly bear. It contains very rare behaviours of these animals in some of the most rugged and beautiful country of the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and Alberta.

JOURNEY HOME OF THE CHINOOK SALMON     (1 X 60’ or 1 x 90’) 
Journey Home is the incredible story of the Chinook salmon on the Fraser River. Wildlife filmmaker, Leon Lorenz, dedicated eight spawning seasons to capture some of the rarest and most exciting scenes ever filmed on the spawning grounds of this magnificent fish.

Social / Political Documentary
In 1992 a new spiritual practice, called Falun Gong, began to spread throughout China and by 1999 had acquired over 70 million adherents. Fearing the popular practice, the Chinese government banned Falun Gong in 1999 and began harassing and jailing practitioners. To date, over 200,000 have been sent to Chinese jails and forced labour camps, many of them brutally tortured, and at least 2500 killed. In 2006, new reports have come from China alleging that thousands of imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners have had their corneas, kidneys and livers forcibly removed for sale by Chinese authorities. “Beyond the Red Wall” is a hard-hitting documentary special focusing on the movement and the persecution of these people by the Chinese authorities. It focuses on two Falun Gong practitioners – an internationally renowned painter, a Canadian citizen and resident of New York who was jailed and tortured for his beliefs, and a typically North American housewife who actively participates in and fights for Falun Gong. The film also includes never-seen-before torture footage, smuggled out of China.

Popcorn with Maple Syrup is a spellbinding two-hour documentary uncovering the stories, scandals and little-known fascinating facts about Canadian movies. The first movie star in the world, the first three actresses to win Academy Awards,® the first performer in a nude scene, the first actress to kiss on-screen, the first nickelodeon—all were Canadian. From drive-ins to IMAX to Mike Myers to "The Barbarian Invasions," a rambunctious history of the Canadian movie industry, including some key triumphs and disappointments, unfolds in "Popcorn with Maple Syrup: Film in Canada from Eh to Zed."

JUST PEOPLE IN LOVE     (1 X 60')  
Social Documentary
Experience life and love among the self-proclaimed “Party Animals,” the disabled adults of JUST PEOPLE (IN LOVE). Director Vickie Russell spent six months with Just People, Inc., a unique support organization for independent-minded adults with disabilities. The result is an intimate home-movie-style introduction to their world – their humor, triumphs, failures and touching personal relationships.

RAISED IN THE RING     (1 x 60’) 
Social / Sports Documentary
Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is a cultural tradition steeped in history and religious reverence. More importantly, to the rural poor it is a career and a way to improve their livelihood. This fascinating fly on the wall documentary reveals the lives of four aspiring kickboxers. Ranging from children aged twelve and fifteen, to an eighteen-year-old vying for a professional career in Bangkok, the doc follows them in their daily routines, their rigorous training regimens and their fights. During the doc, we come to understand the respect and dignity with which this form of fighting is regarded in today's Buddhist society.

Social / Sports Documentary
Brawl! follows two enthusiastic sports promoters as they set out to try and stage the world's first violent hockey prizefighting/boxing event, the "Battle of the Hockey Enforcers". Despite unbelievable set backs and press opposition, this cheeky documentary won the world’s richest pitch at the Banff Television Festival, has amazing production value and is being shown on Canada’s main commercial Network, CTV. It is a unique and fun P.O.V. story...with lots of real knockim, sockim action!

THE SPIRIT OF HIROSHIMA         1 x 60’            


This documentary looks at the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima through the eyes of those who lived through it, and those who live there now.  The film follows a family living in Hiroshima today as they take their two children to the 50th year ceremony.  Woven into their trip are the stories of three bomb survivors, illustrated with archival film footage from before and after the war.



BEING OSAMA        1 x 60’         available for selected territories   


Being Osama is a documentary that follows six North American males all named Osama.  This program examines how the perceptions of their characters in society have changed since September 11, 2001 .  Being Osama is an exploration into how unrelated events can change the lives and destinies of a person all because of their name.



IF A TREE FALLS          1 X 60’            French version available   

Social / Health

Intimate, moving and insightful, If A Tree Falls is the powerful, first-person story of a filmmaker who is losing her hearing.  She embarks on a documentary about her experience, but she’s torn between her need to make the film, and her fears about what will happen to her career when people find out she can’t hear.  Finally, she reaches out to the hard-of-hearing community where she discovers a remarkable group of people who give her the strength to deal with her disability.




A one hour documentary Christmas special that revels in all the fun and music to be found with the ancient Mumming tradition.  Set primarily in Ireland and the Canadian Maritimes, the story of Mummers is the story of masks and customs that pre-date Christianity.





Follows New Year's Day celebration back through the ages to its origin in ancient Egypt, Rome and China and then illustrates the evolution of calendars.




This documentary takes a look at the evolution of Valentine's Day and the way its image has been influenced by changing views of Love and Lust.



THANKSGIVING DAY            1 X 60’

Traces this wholesome tradition back in time, by following the exploits of a young girl whisked away from her dinner table back to the first thanksgivings.




From Santa Clause to Christmas Cards, this program traces our modern Yuletide traditions back to their earliest roots in Roman celebrations and pagan rituals.




Tracks back through time to Halloween's earliest pagan rituals. Included are interviews of modern day witches and a discussion of the changing face of Halloween today. Amongst Canada's History Television's highest rated shows in October.



MOTHER’S DAY        1 X 60’

From its earliest roots as an anti-war day after the Civil War to the million mom's march on Washington DC, this documentary illustrates the ways Mother's have influenced our lives.




This documentary asks the question, what light can recent historical finds shed on the commemoration of Jesus' last days.



ST. PATRICK, THE APOSTLE OF IRELAND     1 x 60'                    

Exquisitely filmed on location in Ireland, this unique documentary delves beneath the myth and mystery of the man who would become celebrated the world over as a saint.  Evocative music and revealing voice-over carries the viewer back in time from Patrick’s birth to his death. The film recreates Patrick’s physical struggle and spiritual transformation.




Science / technology
Winner of the "Best Independent Documentary Award" at the Da Vinci Film & Video Festival
The Newest Weapons of Mass Destruction. By unraveling the mystery of the Bell Island 'boom', this film reveals the frightening frontier of electromagnetic science. As the US military deploys electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons or e-bombs, we need to ask whether the bizarre events on Newfoundland's Bell Island in 1978 are related to early testing of these weapons and if so, what are the consequences of unleashing this powerful force today?

EASTER ISLAND: EYES OF THE MOAI  1 x 60’ and 1 x 120'
Historical documentary- Shot in HD
Easter Island is the most remote inhabited place on our planet.  For 1,500 years this isolation has acted as both a shelter for -- and a curse upon -- the island’s indigenous Rapa Nui people.  Trapped on their 64 square miles of land, 4,000 kilometers from their nearest neighbour, the Rapa Nui eventually used up their limited resources only to see their tropical paradise transformed into a bleak rock, filled with chaos, warfare and cannibalism.  This is the first documentary to focus on the rise and fall of the Rapa Nui people -- a story with a message that all too closely parallels the current situation facing the inhabitants of our Earth. 

History / Medical
Through the eyes of the most painfully exclusive club in the world, this documentary tells the story of two pioneering plastic surgeons and their revolutionary approach to reconstructive surgery. Their radical holistic and surgical techniques brought back airmen so horribly burned and broken they believed they might as well be dead.  Startling archival footage is interwoven with interviews with the airmen who reunited to tell their story, and that of the doctors who changed the face of history.

Adventure / History
In honour of the 50th Anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest:
This beautifully shot, Academy Award winning film features adventurer, poet and world champion skier Yuichiro Miura in his attempt to ski down Mount Everest from its summit. A tragic icefall claims 6 lives, but the journey continues. The team climb to the South Col, 350 metres from the top, where Miura, with only skis and a parachute, puts his life in the hands of the Gods. His heart-stopping descent made history. Contains rare on-the-spot interviews with Sir Edmund Hillary.
Available in English, French, and Spanish
Oscar Winner, Academy Award Best Documentary

Exposé / History
During the Second World War the Canadian Army conducted experiments on its own soldiers and volunteers that would have been called 'war crimes' had they been done to prisoners of war. Many of the men suffered after-effects in the decades following the war but could get no help from their government, which denied they had even been at the experimental test station in Suffield, Alberta. This is the story of four of those men.

ALIEN OBSESSION    1 x 60' (16 mm film)
Sci-fi culture / History
A riveting account of one of the most fascinating cultural obsessions of our era: the media's obsession with the possibility of extraterrestrial life. From medieval sightings, to the top-secret air force base "area 51", to the flying saucer crash sites in New Mexico and the 50th anniversary reunion at Roswell, Alien Obsession is the first cultural documentary to seriously examine the media's obsession with UFOs and aliens.
A Canamedia production for A & E Network.

THREADS OF HOPE     1 x 60'
Shot on location in Chile, Donald Sutherland narrates this moving portrait of the Chilean women who defied Pinochet's dictatorship armed only with sewing needles and scraps of cloth from the clothes of their "disappeared" loved ones. Music by Sting.
George Foster Peabody Award - Chicago Gold - Houston Silver - Int'l Emmy Nominee
A Canamedia production.

DR. TELLER'S VERY LARGE BOMB          1 x 60’   cc

Historical / Science

A historical documentary that tells the dynamic story of Edward Teller, the Manhattan Project lead physicist who was already obsessively working on inventing the Hydrogen Bomb while everyone else at Los Alamos was trying to complete the atom bomb project. Teller was directly or indirectly responsible for much of the Cold War and armaments race that followed World War II, and continued to influence government policy all the way up to the Strategic Missile Initiative (Star Wars), an idea he first whispered in Ronald Reagan's ear back in 1983, and which continues to affect us today. Includes exclusive never-before-seen interviews with Dr.Teller.



WHY GET MARRIED?        1 x 60’ cc

Social Documentary

With half of all marriages ending in divorce, someone should ask Why Get Married? Documentarian Anne Stirling takes a fresh look at the social, historical and emotional themes of marriage following her divorce. Searching for answers, Stirling figures if she asks enough questions of friends, family and historians she'll find the right answer to Why Get Married?


Why Get Married is an upbeat and illuminating quest evolving from a series of candid interviews Stirling was able to capture over a three-year period as she traveled for between St. John's Newfoundland, Canada and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Stirling talks to singles, gays, long-time marrieds divorced, never-marrieds, wedding planners and marriage experts trying to discover some wisdom and the answer to Why Get Married? This documentary is evocative and thought provoking. Based on a personal quest, the documentary nevertheless resonates with a powerful universal appeal.




Social/Political/Health Documentary

This biography is a powerful psychological profile of an ordinary person, who in the face of great injustice was extraordinary. Janet Connors was a Dartmouth housewife when her life was shattered by Canada’s worst public health scandal. In the 1980’s tens of thousands of Canadians were unnecessarily infected with HIV and/or Hepatitis C, including Janet and her husband Randy. But few emerged onto the International stage as powerfully as Janet Connors. How she got there is both inspiring and heartbreakingly compelling.



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