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  Canadian Catalogue - Personal Development / Motivational

Ask Me Anything    13 x 30’ HD


Make your dream job a reality and put your dreams to work! Featuring celebrities, innovators and people with extraordinary jobs. Episodes include UFC Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Burlesque Dancer, Competitive Eater, Professional Magician, Paranormal Investigator, Exotic Fish Dealer and more.

Bitter Honey     1 x 90' HD


Bitter Honey emotionally presents an intimate and emotionally charged portrait of three polygamous families in Bali, Indonesia. Following these families over a seven-year period, the film portrays the personal plight of Balinese co-wives, for whom marriage is frequently characterized by psychological manipulation, infidelity, domestic violence, and economic hardship. Living in a society where men have authority in many domains, these women have little voice in steering or protesting the conditions of their domestic lives. Bitter Honey draws attention to their struggle, documents the work of those taking steps to better protect and empower them, and aims to trigger a wider conversation about contemporary polygamy and women’s rights in Indonesia

Fritz     1 x 60' HD


When Ben and Mike discover Fritz, he’s hit a tough patch in life. His girlfriend of ten years, Darlene, recently passed away. He has a tumultuous relationship with his brother Vince, who thinks his dreams of being a professional artist are foolish and unabashedly throws his failures in his face. Lastly, Fritz’s hearing issues cause him to struggle in social situations. He has few friends. They photograph Fritz, his work and convince him to build a new art studio in his rundown basement. Finally they take a road trip to NYC to visit a huge art fair and show Fritz how America has turned fine art collecting into a shopping mall experience. A surprise twist ending reveals what “making it” in the art world is all about.

I-ology     1 x 105’

Self Help/Motivational

All human behaviour is governed by what makes one FEEL important. What type of influence could you have if you knew what made someone feel important? What drives people to do what they do? What gives someone the courage to beat unbeatable odds? I-ology is an international documentary set out to discover what governs all human behaviour. Take a journey to find out what makes you feel important. Documentary available in English, French and German. Also available: 12 episodes (30 minutes each) focusing on individual moving and inspiring stories.

Legendary Marketers     10 x 30’

Self Help/Motivational

From best-selling author Dave Woodward, this series profiles ordinary people who discovered what you must do to build a successful online business. An inside look at secrets of the top internet marketing millionaires in the world – “insider” information that the viewer can use to build their own successful business.


Riches-The 7 Secrets of Wealth You Were Never Told     1 x 82’

Self Help/Motivational

Have you ever wondered why some people become wealthy and others don’t - even when they come from the same place, the same background and have had the same opportunities? Self-made multi-millionaire and star of Channel4’s “Secret Millionaire”, Gill Fielding takes you on a journey to discover just how it is that the wealthy make their money and how you can do it too. Consulting with many of the world’s leading wealth creators including: Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan, Brian Tracy, Michael Gerber and Peter Thomson, Gill uncovers the 7 Secrets of Wealth.

Tapping the Source      (1 x 90')

Self Help/Motivational

The best selling book is now a movie. Tapping the Source provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve success and happiness in life. This movie empowers its viewers with insights, awareness, and various mental tools to build material, social, emotional, physical and spiritual perfection. Also available: 25 episodes (30 mins each) focusing on individual achievers featured in the movie such as Mark Victor Hansen (creator of “Soup for the Soul” series), Bob Proctor (from “The Secret”) and Mariel Hemingway.


The Yes Movie     (1 x 90’)

Self Help/Motivational

The successful entrepreneurs that make up the Young Entrepreneur Society have the require knowledge to put themselves on top of the game – and now they are sharing it. Ambition is a key ingredient to the advancement of society and is present in each and every [person. The Yes Movie showcases the ways in which ambition can be channelled into positive, creative works while making real, hardworking young minds millions along the way. (Also available: 13 episodes (30 minutes each) focusing on individual young millionaires profiled in the documentary).






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