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FESTIVALS OF THE WORLD   (13x30’ HD / 52 x 5’ HD)


There’s more than one reason to celebrate so let’s go on a journey and experience a different side of international cultures through their festivals. See how the world celebrates the arts, seasons; music, food, anniversaries, fashion or what makes their region unique. Each episode explores 4 international festivals and ends with a segment about etiquette and how to get the best out of any festival.



In Longevity Road Trip, five couples embark on journeys as unique as they are, each one designed to explore and extend the limits of ageing and ultimately, to keep them young. We’ll join them as they reveal the secrets of a mysterious multi-million-dollar research centre in California; navigate the Bermuda Triangle in search of the real, historical Fountain of Youth and divine tantric arts on the beaches of Cap d’Agde in the South of France. They’ll push their bodies to the limits of endurance in the Austrian Alps and surf the wild coast of Peru as they enrich their own lives by changing the lives of others for the better. From highfalutin, to folksy, to just plain flakey, each trip will challenge the voyaging couple to transform themselves and everything we believe we know about ageing.



Hosted by former NHL player Brendan Morrison, "Reel West Coast" is an outdoor travel and fishing show focused on adventure, conservation, culture and the West Coast lifestyle. We highlight fishing lodges, guides, wildlife and local culture. The journey and adventure around fishing is front and center in all our stories and episodes as we travel to some of the most beautiful locations in North America.

NEXT STOP   (51 X 30’ HD)


Next Stop is an exciting travel series featuring the people, culture, local music, food, sports and landmarks that make each destination unique. Next Stop not only takes you to fabulous places, but it gives you an insider’s look into each featured location. Whether ice bar hopping during a festival in Japan or swimming with dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii, host Jon Olson stops at nothing to bring viewers the unique traditions and people he encounters in his travels. Spotlighting unique destinations all around the world, Next Stop enlightens you regarding where to go, what to do and how to do it.

NOMADS   (56 X 30’ HD)


Nomads showcases amazing adventure travel exploits, with passionate storytelling and the involvement of some of the world’s greatest extreme sports athletes. Visually stunning sports such as whitewater kayaking, extreme big mountain skiing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, basejumping, extreme snowboarding and big wave surfing push the limits of possibility. Nomads is shot globally on six continents and touches down in exotic locations such as Switzerland, Alaska, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Tahiti, Africa, Costa Rica, Norway, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada and the Canary Islands. These timeless adventures are rich in action, adventure, culture and travel with a focus on compelling personalities and storytelling.

"Travel Time with Linda" is an exciting, upbeat new travel series offering travel inspiration with all the key elements; glamour, luxury and adventure. Host Linda Cooper takes us "Caribbean Dreaming" in each episode featuring exotic, bucket-list must vacation hotspots such as Belize, Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, Anguilla and Punta Cana. Each show highlights a new Caribbean gem, all while showcasing not just the luxury aspects but the flavor and essence of each locale while interacting with the local culture. From the specialty lust worthy, boutique hotel featured every show, to the action-packed adventures such as Airboat BoneFishing or swimming with the nurse sharks and let's not forget a wonderful mix of pampering and a little retail therapy showcasing the local shopping aspects.

Traveling with Emily M is all about a fun-loving, adventurous girl who travels the world searching for exciting and unusual places to visit while having a good time. Emily is up for anything as she mixes with the locals, explores her surroundings and entertains her viewers with unique experiences. This is certainly not your grandmother's traveling show!

Caribbean Vibrations TV takes viewers on a whirlwind travel-adventure to International events and colorful festivals – all with an irrepressible Caribbean Vibe! Capturing the energy of the Caribbean on a global scale, this series showcases the trendiest places, signature events and biggest names in the Caribbean diaspora from around the world.

Travel / Adventure / Paranormal
Mystic Journey to India takes you to the very heart of India as world-famous spiritualist medium Craig Hamilton-Parker consults a secret oracle that tells him everything about his life and what will happen including the day he will die. Craig is no stranger to the paranormal and has given a lifetime’s work to investigating and demonstrating psychic powers. But when he stumbled upon the secret Naadi oracle of India even he is blown away by the impossibility of its messages and the mind-boggling implications of what he discovers. Set against the stunning backdrop of rural India, Craig climbs sacred mountains, visits mysterious places and is invited into magnificent temples to perform fire ceremonies and other unfamiliar rituals. We see him changing as the programs progress from typical westerner – a grandad with a happy family – to a shell shocked guru. In a story reminiscent of Indiana Jones, we journey with Craig as he uncovers the lost secrets of India. This story is beyond mind-boggling: it will make you question everything about the nature of fate, destiny and providence.

UTRAVEL (16 X 30' HD)
Travel / Lifestyle
In UTravel, Chef Bob Waggoner takes us on a sojourn to North America’s greatest cities. He’ll share with viewers the rich history, entertainment and unique flair of each location. Chef Bob will focus on the local food and explore each city’s delicious culinary delights. While learning about the city’s appeal, Bob visits a specially chosen chef where they discuss the local food prepared and served. Next, they will tour the chef’s restaurant, prepare a unique recipe and then journey into the city where the guest chef takes Bob to his/her favorite food (“hole in the wall”) meal spot. We end each episode with a tasty review of the trip with great original music.

Caribbean Vibrations TV takes viewers on a whirlwind travel-adventure to International events and colorful festivals – all with an irrepressible Caribbean Vibe! Capturing the energy of the Caribbean on a global scale, this series showcases the trendiest places, signature events and biggest names in the Caribbean diaspora from around the world.

He was only bitten once, but The Travel Guy has never shaken the travel bug, the most contagious bug in the world of which the only known cure is to travel. The new season of episodes has The Travel Guy staying a little longer in various destinations. He gets into the culture and traditions by being an active participant, enjoys the folklore and stories as told by the local residents and takes in the unique sites. From beautiful tropical islands, trekking along the world’s longest coastal drive, exploring The Black Forest to finding the best eats, it’s an adventure at every destination with some funny stuff.

DIVERS DOWN (45 X 30')
‘Worldwide Underwater Adventure Travel’ is the theme as host Mark Stanton invites viewers to join him vicariously to experience interesting and beautiful scuba diving destinations. From Nova Scotia to the Great Barrier Reef, the Caribbean to British Columbia, cold waters and warm, these unique travelogues appeal to a wide audience. A visual treat for diving, boating, fishing, nature, outdoors, and armchair enthusiasts.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger - that’s what extreme sports are all about. It’s the adrenaline rush and the imminent danger that comes from breaking out of the normal routine – escaping our mundane existence – and living in the moment. Josie Boulding lives in the moment. Whether it’s skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, hang gliding, or any number of other breathless adventures, Josie’s pretty much “been there – done that”. When she comes down from her adrenaline high, Josie likes to experience the culture and the cuisine of the country she’s exploring. And she takes millions of viewers along for the ride.

GOURMET ESCAPES with Massimo Capra NEW! SEASON 2 (26 x 30' HD)


In season 2, chef Massimo Capra shares the duty of exploring the world’s most unique culinary destinations with newcomer Gerardo D’Amore. Both are seasoned chefs travelling the world to get more of what they never tire of…food! They visit diverse destinations to discover the food culture, experience the life and make new friends who teach them to cook-up a scrumptious local favourite. Gathering ingredients for the meals mostly on their own, they visit markets, farmers, unique cheese makers and even catch the fish while at the same time, find time to explore and have some fun, after-all they are on vacation.



Travel to unique destinations; explore amazing attractions, participate in activities that range from Shark and Crocodile feedings to discovering ancient ruins, snowmobile on glaciers that have been thousands of years in the making, zip-line high in the air through a lush rainforest, step into haunted places, create local gastronomic treats and look at the world as your playground with The Travel Guy. He crosses the globe in search of extraordinary adventures for anyone. Don’t worry, if The Travel Guy can do it…so can you!

DISTANT SHORES  (104 x 30’ HD (new 2012 season))


A cold winter's approaching, so why not jump in a boat and head somewhere sunnier? Not got a boat? Well Paul and Sheryl Shard have and that's exactly what they did in this brand-new Distant Shores adventure. The Bahamas, Antigua, St. Maarten - just the names conjure up a warm feeling and this is where the Shards chose to spend their winter. While in the Caribbean, they meet with locals such as 'Crocodile James' a naturalist on the remote island of Saba and learn of life on these sea-faring islands. The Shards also get to experience another way of sailing the seas as they swap yarns with the captain of a luxurious cruise ship. So if you are feeling the cold, you know what to do. Either buy a boat or watch the Shards enjoying the Caribbean sunshine.

West Coast Adventures is an exciting television series all about fun, travel and adventure in the beautiful outdoors of North America and beyond. The series will take you on unforgettable journeys which include mountain climbing to the summit of Whistler, snorkeling with the salmon in Bella Coola, sturgeon fishing in the Fraser Canyon, hang gliding in Salt Spring Island, Humpback Whale watching in Prince Rupert, swimming with the seals in Nanaimo, white water rafting in Lytton, airplane gliding in Hope, cruising from Vancouver to Alaska, glacier hiking in Juneau and crabbing in Ketchikan, just to name a few.



Ages ago man and horse began a unique partnership that endures to this day. “Around the World on Horseback” takes the viewer to exotic locations all over the world to discover this mysterious bond and the cultures that created it. Whether it’s braving a sub-zero Atlantic wind while riding over the lava fields of Iceland or mounting the famous white Lippizaner horse at its original, centuries old, breeding farm in Slovenia, join host James Hillman as he travels the world, explores the cities and roams the countryside - meeting the locals and riding their horses.

4REAL TV    (Social • 8 x 30’ HD)


4REAL takes celebrity guests on amazing adventures around the world to connect with young leaders who, under extreme circumstances, are effecting positive change in their communities and beyond. From Rio’s City of God to the heart of the Amazon, from the peaks of the Peruvian Andes to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, we embark on the journey of a lifetime: one that will allow them to see both the strength of the human spirit and the challenges humanity faces in our ever-changing world. Celebrities include; Cameron Diaz, Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Mendes, Flea(Red Hot Chili Peppers) and more.

Along for the Ride     (Social • 39 x 30'’ HD)


Along for the Ride follows expert show-jumpers across Canada as they battle to win the prestigious Kubota Cup. Each exciting episode profiles 3 riders, giving an inside view on their horses and keys on the obstacles of self, sport and venue.

ANGRY PLANET     (39 x 30' in HD) 

Adventure / Science Series

Over the last ten years, the world’s weather has gotten more and more violent, and many have witnessed dozens of hurricanes, tornados and volcanic firestorms. “Angry Planet” will take the audience on an extraordinary tour of the world’s most extreme natural phenomena as we film a collection of unique and hair-raising situations involving tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and anything else Mother Nature could hit us with. The audience will get an E-ticket thrill ride though some of the most extraordinary sights our angry planet can produce, hosted by a intense, personable thrill seeker - George Kourounis - one of the world’s most active and venturesome storm chasers. The show will be a behind-the-scenes docu-soap chronicling the adventures and misadventures as George and his associates explore the world’s wildest weather and hairiest natural sights. The first 13 episode season of “Angry Planet” will follow George as he witnesses wild phenomena on the furious earth: Hurricanes, Tornados, Volcanoes, “Weather Bomb” Winter Storms, Water Spouts, Lightening and Forest Fires. We will “push the envelope” with the filming of each of these – adding elements to the filmmaking and storytelling that will make this a truly unique and exciting series.

DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT     (52 x 60’ and 13 x 60'HD)

Travel / Adventure in HD

The fifth cycle of this highly rated series continues, but this time in High Definition. The Passport team keeps on treckin’ with their unquenchable thirst for new people and places. This new series, hosted by veteran Canadian journalist Gord Sivell, takes us to never before seen areas of Laos, Thailand, on safari in Botswana, and to Namibia, Vietnam and Australia amongst other exotic locations.

EARTH TREK  (13x 30')

Travel / Adventure

Visit the globe’s most magical places in search of adventure, cultural enlightenment and ecological treasures. Join hosts Joni Ravenna and John Stevens as they cross the world’s highest canopy bridge in Malaysia, soar over the Grand Canyon, explore the Himalayas, dig for dinosaurs in the American West and visit sacred sites in Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Other episodes feature a safe haven for orangutans in Borneo, an elephant trek through a rain forest, a ghost town in Montana and a stunning scuba dive near the island of Phuket.

THE ICE HOTEL  (1 x 60’ 3D and 2D)


For as long as he can remember, Jacques Desbois has been passionate about winter. In 2001, he fulfilled one of his dreams and built the first Ice Hotel in North America “Hotel De Glace”. Each year, 150 passionate workers help to create this incredible structure that’s filled with themed ice sculptures representing various cultures and geography. This magnificent Ice Hotel contains 36 guest rooms, a grand hall, a bar for 400 people and even an Ice Chapel that provides for at least 30 weddings per season. In this new documentary, history, architecture and culture are highlighted, along with breathtaking cinematography.

KEY WEST TIME  (13x 30' HD)

Travel / Lifestyle

Showcasing the Island lifestyle of the “American Caribbean” the mission of KEY WEST TIME is to entertain and introduce the Florida Keys to viewers. This new series is fast paced and intertwined with food, facts and fun things to do and see in the Keys including annual events plus “What’s on the Grill”, “Howie’s Happy Hour” and “Tropical Tips” segments. Howard Livingston and his Mile Marker 24 band music provide a soundtrack to a unique lifestyle throughout the series while featuring fishing, diving, boating, treasure hunting, and much more.



This 3D documentary special takes us to one of the most colourful and elaborate celebrations on earth where both human creativity and glorious cultures come together. The Quebec Winter Carnival is the world’s largest winter Carnival. It celebrates everything about winter with all sorts of unique competitions and celebrations - from Canoe races across the St. Lawrence River to horse racing with sleds, dog-sledding, skating, ice sculptures, food, music and fun.

SKIER’S WORLD     (188 x 30’ ongoing)

Sport / Travel

One of North America’s most enduring series, shot around the world, this series reveals the most unique, fun and exciting skier’s destinations worldwide. Each episode focuses on one specific site and for those who don’t know where to book their next ski trip it’s a great way to decide, as the resorts are explored from top to bottom.






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