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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Canamedia debuts over 100 hours of new Factual and Lifestyle Programming at Miptv

Toronto. ON – Canamedia - Canamedia is pleased to announce its slate of over 100 hours of new factual and lifestyle titles for Miptv.  In addition to its previously announced in-house produced 3D slate, Canamedia is debuting ten newly acquired titles including: Investigative series The Conspiracy Show (13 x 30' HD - Season 2 in production); wildlife travel series Alien Invaders! (6 x 60’); Season 2 of the successful investigative crime series Fraud Squad (13 x 30’); reality series’ Last Bride Standing (26 x 30’HD) and Man Up! (9x30’); travel series’ Key West Time (13 x 30’ HD) and Adventures in Wine Country (13 x 30’ HD); and docu series’ When the Devil Knocks (1 x 60’ and 1 x 90’ HD), Remake My Life (13 x 60’) and Inspiring Lives Global (10 x 30’ HD)

“Canamedia’s distribution division is rapidly growing and we are delighted to be offering an expanded catalogue of fresh new travel, lifestyle and reality challenge series at Miptv,” said Mike Lolato, Managing Director Worldwide Broadcast Sales.

The Conspiracy Show  (13 x 30' HD - Season 2 in production) Was 9/11 an Inside Job?  Is the Government Hiding the Truth about UFOs and ET's? Is Time Travel Possible? This new series investigates extraordinary claims within the fields of conspiracy, supernatural, paranormal and UFO/ET phenomena.  Richard Syrett, a 20 year veteran of talk radio, brings his controversial and spellbinding new program to television, featuring interviews with some of the world's preeminent researchers, independent thinkers, skeptics and authors in this fascinating arena.

Alien Invaders! (6 x 60’ HD) is a new travel science series that throws three young hosts into the world of invasive species of animals, fish, birds, insects, viruses and plants to create television mayhem, examining invasions of aggressive non-indigenous animals around the world.

Fraud Squad (Season 2 - 13 X 30’ HD) is an investigative, informative and totally addictive tv series aimed at bringing awareness to the public about the global problem of fraud. This hosted series interviews real fraud victims as well as experts in the field who offer inside tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Last Bride Standing (26 X 30’ HD) is a riveting reality television series that revolves around an outrageous contest for a luxurious free wedding package worth over $100,000. The results are nothing short of a social experiment as teams of bridal couples try to out do each other physically and mentally.

Key West Time (13 x 30’ HD) Showcasing the Island lifestyle of the “American Caribbean” this new series is fast paced and intertwined with food, facts and fun things to do and see in the Keys, featuring fishing, diving, boating, treasure hunting, and much more.

Man Up!  (9 x 30’ HD) is a new, fast-paced, reality game show for guys where grueling physical challenges are compounded by logical problem solving, with hilarious results. The ManUp! men work together in a team, the twist being one is a paid actor who is hell-bent on ruining their chances to succeed.

When the Devil Knocks (1 x 60’ and 1 x 90’ HD) is the intimate story of Hilary Stanton and her struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Filmed over 10 years, the filmmakers were given unlimited access to riveting hours of videotapes of her psychotherapy, revealing a cast of supporting characters, “alters”, who kept Hilary alive by taking over from her during times of crisis.

Remake My Life (13 x 60’ HD) is the ultimate life game where one woman will step up as the chosen leader and be rewarded with a whole life makeover.  The world’s best coaches and mentors will challenge the women to take on an incredible journey and their growth will be tracked in key areas of their lives – money, business, credit, image, home, makeover, relationships and self-confidence.

Inspiring Lives Global  (10 x 30’ HD) follows the journey of one woman’s passion of making a difference in the world.  Tiamara Williams (business woman, TV host and mother) travels to a different location in a developing country each week and gathers a team of ordinary locals to take action on a humanitarian or environmental project in that specific town.  Special guest interviews includes Sri Sri Ravishankar, Desmond Tutu and Queen Rania of Jordan to name a few.

Adventures In Wine Country (13 X 30’ HD) is the very best of travel, food and wine culture…in some of the most stunning locations across the globe. With captivating footage, Chuck Byers & Greg Rist adventure through wine regions and culinary delights in Europe and Canada.
Canamedia has an established history as one of Canada’s leading distribution and production companies. Acquired in 2010 by Distribution Access, Canada’s leading provider of educational video content, Canamedia is now part of a growing enterprise that offers all aspects of worldwide distribution, original production and production services. As one of the industry’s leading distributors, the company has an extensive catalogue of lifestyle, adventure, outdoor and documentary programming in both 2D and 3D, in addition to a vast library of educational content, available on multiple platforms. www.canamedia.com

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Mary Powers, MPowers Communications, +1416 767 8692
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