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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Magic Lantern Media Inc. Significantly Strengthens its Educational Libraries

Toronto, July 11, 2012 – Magic Lantern Media Inc. is pleased to add more than 100 titles to its Distribution Access library of resources offered to schools, including superb new content from Disney Educational Productions, Video Education Australasia (VEA), Cerebellum, Discovery and an exceptional new collection of documentaries from independent producers worldwide.

The content acquired includes new award winning programs from Disney with the "Safety Smarts series with Timone and Pumba" and the "Bill Nye Safety Series". New titles from Cerebellum, over 25 new titles from Discovery, and 59 titles from VEA are included in the new slate of releases. In addition, titles from Magic Lantern Media Inc.'s subsidiary, Canamedia, have also been chosen based on their relevance to Canadian curriculum.

"These acquisitions emphasize a growing collection of strong educational resources for our DVD and digital file customers and strengthens the value for our www.AccessLearning.com streaming subscribers" says Doug Connolly, President of Magic Lantern Media Inc. adding, “we are especially proud of representing these great producers with so many new releases that keep our libraries the most current available in education today.”

Senior Vice President Bill McGowan adds "Maintaining great relationships with producers of award-winning content and ensuring their products become part of our growing library to better serve our educational customers, is the mainstay of our business. Our customers expect the best from our libraries, and such acquisitions strengthen our overall product offering."

About Magic Lantern Media Inc.:
Distribution Access and Canamedia recently amalgamated under the name Magic Lantern Media, MLM is a leading Canadian multi‐media company integrating distribution, production, television and digital applications serving the education and the broadcast industries.

The company operates from offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Saint John, NB, with over 50 agents and representatives worldwide.

For further information, please contact us Toll Free at 1.800.665.4121 or by email at: info@distributionaccess.com

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