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Digital Services

Video Encoding – With more than 15 years of experience in the field of commercial video digitization. We employ hardware encoding stations to produce high-quality MPEG video as well as a host of other formats including QuickTime, Windows Media and other streaming formats.

Indexing - Proprietary indexing solutions to create index files (metadata) for full-length video content. Indexes provide Chapters, Sections, descriptions, key words, etc, to populate online databases allow ing instant "point and click" access to any part of a program. Indexes create a wealth of data to power detailed search engine results.
DVD Authoring - Producing DVDs since the introduction of the format providing all aspects of DVD design, including encoding, graphic design and short-run DVD burning and printing.

Web Site Development – Offering a full-range of web design services ranging from straightforward asp (static) sites to e-commerce enabled, database-driven sites, and of course, video streaming applications.

Content Management/Database Design and Maintenance - Our programmers can handle all aspects of specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining databases for uses such as Content Management, E-commerce, Web Site engines, inventory, custom reports and more.

Archiving - We bring the full complement of our service suite to bear on all aspects of video archiving. Beginning with a complete Onsite Library Audit, we will guide you through each stage of identifying and prioritizing the most important and "at risk" assets, create a complete library database, digitize and index all video, and help you to "future-proof" your video library.


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