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High Point: Casinos of the World
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    An entertaining, fast-paced 1/2 hour automotive show that changes everything you ever thought about car shows!

    Driving Television is not just for enthusiasts - the show offers useful, easy-to-understand information on everything from the latest new vehicles and the hottest new bikes to the world's most unusual and interesting cars. And it's not just for men either - DTV brings a special perspective for women consumers as well. Our hosts, Zack Spencer and Dagmar Midcap won't bore you with endless technical jargon. Entertaining, easy-going, knowledgeable and straightforward, Zack and Dagmar present honest opinions and thought-provoking perspectives - with a little humour thrown in for good measure.

    If you like action, Dana McLoughlin, host of our Extreme Drives segments, will put you in the driver's seat of some of the world's most exciting vehicles - from racing karts to Monster Trucks.

    Each episode includes useful info on new vehicles, future vehicles, aftermarket products, automobile features, performance driving schools, motorcycles and great driving locations.

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  GOOD TIME GOLF     26 X 30

    Get out there, Play Golf and Have a Good Time!

    GTG is targeted at the millions of recreational golfers that love to just get out and play the game whenever they can! Our hosts have been friends for years and travel all over North America, searching out good, inexpensive golf destinations. They have an earthy homespun sense of humor and are always looking for new ways to bring laughter and enjoyment to the golf course.

    Each show follows the hosts around to a new destination featuring local golf courses, highlighting the fun and interesting things to do in the area and where the best places to stay and eat are located.

    The show answers the question: "What great destination can we visit and play three rounds or golf with two nights accommodation all for only $350 per person?"

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    It's reality TV with a green twist!

    In this unique, multi-camera series shot on location, close friends square off to redesign each other's front and backyard patios and gardens. With only two days, each pair teams up with a professional landscape designer and carpenter and the show's fun-loving hosts George Tsioutsioulas and Jordan Taylor to makeover each other's spaces on a budget of $2000. The end results are a surprise to our unsuspecting friends, and the reactions are guaranteed to send those other makeover shows packing. Gardening shows will never be the same - and neither will your garden!

    The Gardening Gamble is humorous and unpredictable and viewers can always count on unique gardening tips, tricks and easy-to-follow projects that they can apply to their own garden space. Just because the budget is practical, doesn't mean the results can't be grand!
    Plus, our teams will do a little digging and dish the dirt on gardening questions and landscaping laments. (Cos' it's not always roses and white picket fences on this show!)

    It's a roll of the dice when friends take charge of each other's landscaping projects and face The Gardening Gamble. Will our players be satisfied with the results? On this show, you can be sure they'll till it like it is!

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  ABSENT PHALLUS     1 x 120

    Men. Sex. Make-up. There are some things friends shouldn't share!

    Have you ever had a friend you hated? Someone who knows you just a little too well, whose life is so entangled with your own that simply avoiding them is out of the question? Well, meet Kate, a struggling artist whose last relationship left her a bitter misanthrope. Kate's best friend is Julia, a successful fashion designer with an eating disorder and the perfect figure. Julia decides to help Kate out of her bleak financial situation by chipping in on rent, in exchange for occasional use of the apartment. After all, Julia needs a private space for purely recreational use.

    Julia brings home countless strangers -- to Kate's home, that is. Her own place is too far uptown (and too upscale), and Kate's bed isn't getting much use these days anyway. Kate responds

    by creating a portrait of Julia in a rather unflattering position -- a work so provocative that one of Julia's conquests steals it as a memento.

    Suddenly, a race is on -- will Kate recover the missing art before Julia finds it, and learns what her best friend really thinks of her? A witness to the burglary leads Kate to the thief's home, where she is told that her pornographic work has been destroyed. Relieved, Kate gives up the chase, but meanwhile, Julia's search is just beginning. When she learns that the portrait has been sold to a gallery owner, Julia must retrace her sexual history in order to find him and learn what sex is really all about.

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  MAGIC UNLIMITED     9 X 30 (Ongoing)

    Currently the top rated magic entertainment show in Europe!

    It features three young illusionists in their early 20's who perform startling illusions in a backdrop of high energy music, dance and romance!

    With hardly a word spoken in each episode, the series completely captivates the audience by the sheer energy, spectacle and incredibleness of each trick. The series is targeted to a family audience and covers a large demographic group, from kids to seniors.

    The location is both in studio, with elaborately built sets and magical constructions to on-location illusionist streeters.

    Brothers Oscar and Renzo Kazan, along with their female partner Mara, have created the most compelling magic series, like no other ever seen in North America. They recently performed in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace to sold out performances.

    The series is available as either a half hour series or in segments for inserting into other variety or magic shows.

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    Rainforest Destruction and Ape Habitat!

    The Uganda Wildlife Authority hosts well-controlled groups of travellers who trek for the worlds last remaining Mountain Gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. There are now only 650 of these giant primates left on Earth. Using concealed cameras we go undercover to expose what's become known as the bush meat trade. See shocking video of how chimps, apes, and a host of other wildlife are slaughtered, to both feed the local population and provide commercial sales for profit.

    Meet world-renown experts Like Dr. Richard Leakey, NGO specialists, and others who shed light on the rainforest destruction of the ape habitat. Witness logging trucks deliver the mangled carcasses of the endangered primates to the city's meat markets. We'll go well behind the scenes to see first hand how this rarely seen environmental crisis will mean the end of the world's monkey and Great Ape species.

    We'll tramp for hours tracking wild chimpanzees, catch a gang of ruthless poachers hunting wild hippo, and marvel at the spectacular African scenery, the great stories, and the wildlife action.

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    Sex, Death and Pagan Magic

    Mummers and Masks is a one hour Documentary Christmas Special that explores the ancient, wild, wonderful, pagan Christmas of mummers. A fascinating tradition that still survives in the old world and the new. The Christmas behind the Christmas we know.

    The story of mummers is the story of masks. The cult of disguise. There are some who argue that the custom dates back to Roman Saturnalia, others believe it goes all the way back to the cave! Certainly, the concealment of one's indentity behind a mask speaks to the wildest and most ancient blood in our being.

    Mummering has survived in Newfoundland for five centuries. In 1861, mummering was officially banned. Yet even now in the smaller outport communities, nobody worries about a bit of mud on the carpet, and men still disguise themselves as women and women disguise themselves as men, and tramp from house to house,

    dancing and drinking and acting the fool. In St. John's, mummers gate-crash house parties and perform a revival of an ancient mummers play. With swordfights and much mayhem, it was common right across Newfoundland up until mummering was outlawed.

    Mummers and Masks traces the root of these ancient mid-winter customs, that came over to the New World with the first settlers, back to their source. In County Fermanagh, Ulster, mummers perform an ancient community drama with striking similarities to the Newfoundland revival. The Ulster mummers conceal themselves from head-to-toe in woven straw. In the 1970's, the practice of mummers roaming the country and invading houses wearing masks, virtually disappeared as sectarian violence took root. Today, however, the Christmas mummers are seen as helping to heal the sectarian strife which has torn apart communities. In Dingle, in southern Ireland, the mummers are known as wren boys, and once upon a time cavorted around with a dead wren tied to a holly branch. The root of mumming is all about fertility and assisting the re-birth of the sun. In Minehead, England, the local hobby horse (a close relative to the hobby horse that came over with Sir Humphrey Gilbert when he planted the British flag in St. John's in 1583) not only assists with the fertility of the land, it is also called upon to assist with the fertility of humans. We are talking sex!

    Filmed in a lively verite style, incorporating rare archival footage, MUMMERS AND MASKS revels in all the raucous fun and music to be found in Newfoundland, in Ireland and England over the 12 days of Christmas, and also in Philadelphia, where our cameras filmed 10,000 mummers parading through the streets on New Year's Day, in a garish, gaudy, Superbowl-style Mummers extravaganza. Tracing the very DNA of human community entertainment at Christmastime; our guides are the colourful practitioners themselves: the storytellers, musicians and mummers behind the masks.

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  BLUE RAINBOW     43 X 30

    Engaging Plot and Magical Themes through Story-Telling

    Targeted at children aged four to eight, each episode of Blue Rainbow weaves together both engaging plot and magical themes through story-telling. The adult story-teller, a woman named Lil, has moved into a quaint cottage on the Blue Rainbow where she meets her two strange friends Dirk & Drock. The two adult "urchins" speak a gobledeegook language, that to her surprise Lil can understand. One day, beneath the Blue Rainbow, Dirk & Drock discover an ancient book and Lil helps them unlock its secrets.

    The plot of the series emerges in the story Lil tells: The book speaks of a village that was buried, and of the children who managed to escape. It describes a playful adventure that became a quest, a battle between the lost children and the magic that holds them on the Magic Mountain of Storm.

    Tucked into the ancient book is a prophesy: all the children will remain trapped on the Mountain of Storm until someone weaves the treasures of the Lost Village into a living tapestry.

    Each episode¹s theme revolves around our three characters¹ determination to create a living tapestry and free the lost children. Amidst the bump and tumble of their domestic life together, Lil, Dirk & Drock find themselves confronted with dilemmas both hilarious and heart-breaking that children will recognize.

    As the "Secrets of the Lost Children² unfolds as a story, a real woven tapestry is created by Lil with treasures unearthed by the ever fumbling and tumbling Dirk and Drock. As the characters in the story become more and more enchanted by the magic on the Mountain of Storm, so do Dirk and Drock get carried away with youthful enthusiasm and folly. Lil is there to reflect with them, to sing and play with them, to offer children at home a special place for themselves and their own experiences, both lived and imagined.

    Blue Rainbow: The Waeving Treasures is an Award-Winning, imaginative, live-action children¹s television adventure that unearths (literally) the joys and sorrows of human life. Each episode combines drama and comedy, music and crafts, storytelling and mystery.

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  SKIER'S WORLD     54 X 30

    Rip moguls in the fog, take air on jumps, and learn freestyle twisting mechanics!

    Shot around the world, this series reveals the most unique, fun, exciting and colorful moments of skiing. Each episode focuses on one specific site and for those who don't know where to book their next ski trip it's a great way to decide, as the resorts are explored from top to bottom.

    Topics discussed include important elements like how many skiers the resort can accommodate, how long their snowy season is, the quality of their instruction programs and what sort of terrain each hill is covered with. Transportation, lodging, dining, daycare facilities & vacation packages are also mentioned.

    Each week, there is a feature called "Pod's Personalities" which is an interesting 3 minute clip hosted by former World Cup Alpine Champion Steve Podborski. Anyone who's been involved with the Ski Industry knows that

    within it, there are many strong personalities often encountered. In this segment, Steve takes a good look at the distinct and colorful personalities of former and current World Cup Champions, Ski Industry experts as well as famous T.V. & Movie stars who enjoy hanging out in the world's most beautiful ski resorts.

    On the technical side, each episode is filled with great ski & snowboard tips from the pros. How to rip down the mogul run in the fog, how to take air on jumps, and how to learn about different freestyle twisting mechanics.

    With so many choices of equipment, the experts will discuss which skis to test and what technique different shapes work best at. Skier's World will also let you in on the latest industry gossip as well as the most recent trends.

    So for all of those ski and snowboard fanatics out there, tune in to Skier's World…your ticket to the best ski locations around the world.

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  COME CLOSER     1 x 60

    The Magic Of Jason Maloney

    Prepare to be amazed as Jason Maloney brings dazzling slight of hand magic to unsuspecting strangers on sidewalks, beach and in nightclubs.

    A charismatic entertainer, Jason moves inanimate objects with the power of concentration, reads the minds of even the most sceptical and creates spontaneous combustion in the palm of his hand. This is not the tired and musty trickery of the magician with the black cape or kit-magic for kids. This is urban street magic that is edgy and sophisticated.

    This is magic upclose and personal. No curtains, no trapdoors, no camera tricks, just the magician and his audience face to face. It is real magic done in the hand of the passerby. It is intimate magic that allows Maloney to know the unspoken secrets in the minds of his audience.

    Maloney is a street magic master, a Canadian David Blaine. Magic appears to be effortless for the unassuming and jovial Maloney as he performs impromtu performances for club kids, beach bums and B-boys. See the unrehearsed, spontaneous reactions of real people to the inexplicable feats before their eyes. Watch as sceptics are stunned into awed silence. Experience magic performed with the everyday objects found in a bystander's pockets or purse. Enjoy magic as never seen before, one of a kind magic designed by the brilliant mind of Maloney.

    Wonder as the physical laws of the universe are suspended. Let your disbelief be challenged by the evidence before your eyes and Come Closer!

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    Mystery and Magic   1 x 90

    Easter Island is the most remote inhabited place on our planet. For 1,500 years, this isolation has acted as both a shelter for - and a curse upon - the island's indigenous Rapa Nui people. Trapped on their 64 square miles of land - 4,000 kilometres from their nearest neighbour - the Rapa Nui eventually used up their limited resources only to see their tropical paradise transformed into a bleak prison filled with chaos, warfare and cannibalism.

    The Easter Island landscape today offers up a desolate beauty like nowhere else on earth. Facing in from the sea in their eternal vigil, each evening, the "Moai" are participants in an incredible display of hues - living colours - brought momentarily to life as the tropical sun once more bathes their stone faces. Shot completely in the new High Definition Television format, this documentary for the first time immerses viewers into the hauntingly beautiful world of the "Moai" and the ways of the Rapa Nui People.

    Children of the Moai   1 x 120'

    If distance and isolation are a measure of mystery, than Easter Island is the most mysterious place on this planet. Long the subject of conjecture and fascination, recent new scientific and archaeological discoveries have shed light on the people who first inhabited this remote triangle of land.

    Paradise Found:
    A group of hardy seafaring Polynesians first reached the island in about 400 AD. They found a lush tropical island - a paradise of tall palms, clean water and abundant fish. With such gifts from nature a complex civilization soon flourished. The people called themselves and their Island, Rapa Nui. From the original settlers of a few hundred, Rapa Nui culture and population exploded. By the 1400's over 15,000 people inhabited the tiny island. Powerful clans ruled, and they expressed themselves in sculpture, art and by creating a written language. For the Rapa Nui, the future seemed assured.

    Paradise Lost:
    Rapa Nui life revolved around the canopy of giant palms the original settlers discovered. The palms were a source for canoes, food, clothing, tools and they provided the rollers necessary to move the large carved heads from the quarry to the seaside pedestals called Ahu. But by 1500's, the palms were all but cut down and the rains had washed most of the topsoil into the sea fowling the near shore fishing beds - the civilization was threatened.

    Without canoes to fish in deeper water or soil to grow more food, the Rapa Nui faced imminent starvation. The ruling families waged war for what little food remained as rival groups toppled each other's "Moai." With nowhere to turn for aid, the Rapa Nui social system fell into chaos: cults formed, warriors took what they wanted and cannibalism was rampant. On Easter Island, civilization came to a crashing end with the population falling to 120 souls. Today's 4000 Rapa Nui are the descendants of these few survivors.

    Easter Island:
    Eyes of the Moai is the first documentary to focus on the rise and fall of the Rapa Nui people - a story with a message that all too closely parallels the current situation facing the inhabitants of Island Earth.

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    Once in a Lifetime
    Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin- in their first and only appearance together- give the world an opportunity to experience the sum total of their masterful individual talents. (Colour)

    Robert Goulet & Phil Silvers Special
    Join Judy, Robert and Phil at their entertaining best for song, dance, and brilliant comedy! (B&W)

    Live at the London Palladium
    with Liza Minnelli

    This classic show was one of Judy's last appearances at the historic London Palladium. This unforgettable night also marked a young Liza Minnelli's first public stage performance with her legendary mother. (B&W)

    The Concert Years - Featuring the fond reminiscences of many family and friends, this show is filled with some of Judy's finest filmed performances. Includes Judy performing with stars such as Barbara Streisand, Lena Horne, and Tony Bennett and all of her greatest songs, including Chicago, Over the Rainbow, and many more.

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    Unique obsessions from Bizarre
    to Eccentric!

    From the pathological to the eccentric, this series is about individual passions that go beyond the realm of hobby, into a world where dreams are to be fulfilled at any cost.

    Bizarre as they may seem, these stories also have a wondrous and often inspirational side. Filmed throughout England, Romania, Holland and Canada in a fast paced documentary style, each episode explores one person's unique obsession, and its effect

    on their everyday life. Family and friends who know them best are brought into the picture, and we experience an even closer look at the fine line between reality and their own Magnificent Obsession.

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  LOFTY IDEAS     65 x 30

    Unique Designs, Styles and Furnishings!

    Lofty Ideas is a hosted design series that features lofts located in major cities throughout Canada, the USA and the UK. Each half hour program profiles lofts with unique and imaginative design solutions for open concept living. The program is the only television series dedicated to the trend in loft living and urban renewal.

    Every episode of Lofty Ideas features three distinct lofts. In each loft the unique design, style, colour, layout, accessories and furnishings are reviewed and discussed. In the third segment the show focuses on the lifestyle of the loft owner. Individuals such as painters, sculptors, photographers and designers take us through their lofts and show us the environment that fuels their creativity.

    Lofty Ideas is hosted by Katherine Stone, an enthusiastic interior designer. She guides the viewer through the show, conducting interviews with owners and designers who offer advice on how to turn large unobstructed spaces into unique urban lofts.

    Lofty Ideas is a series not only for the loft dweller, but for anyone who likes open concept living. It is for people looking for creative ideas to help them take a large open space and turn it into a unique living environment. Lofty Ideas deals with spatial division and how the various aspects of design affect it. The program's main objective is to show the viewer how to make the most out of an open living space.

    Lofty Ideas is a television program solely dedicated to loft design and lifestyle. The series captures the true essence of urban renewal and city life and has been a ratings winner wherever it has aired.

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  TALKIN' BLUES     26 x 30

    A Passionate Presentation of the Blues Today!

    taLkiN'bLuEs is about the passion behind blues music today. Unlike many of the documentaries on the blues, taLkiN'bLuEs is not a history of the blues as much as a presentation of the blues today with an historical perspective. taLkiN'bLuEs is about the people behind the blues.

    The themes and subject matters vary in each program from musician profiles, music videos to any topic relating to blues music in general. taLkiN'bLuEs is not about defining the blues exclusively for blues fans - it is about introducing the blues to a wider audience who either don't know the blues or who have not had the opportunity to be exposed to this great music.

    The series includes artist profiles, music performances and interviews with B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Sonny Rhodes, Pinetop Perkinds, Bill Perry, Mudcat Ward, Jack de Keyzer, Ann Rabson, Bryan Lee,

    Kelly Joe Phelps, Morgan Davis and Mark Hummel, Colin Linden, Darrell Nulisch, David Gogo, Fruteland Jackson, Snooky Pryor, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Super ChiKan, Chris Smithers, Guy Davis, John Hammond, Otis Taylor, Duke Robillard, Anson Funderburgh, and many more.

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  FAMILY AND FRIENDS     26 x 30

    Help for Families in Difficult Times

    Through drama, documentary and comedy, Family and Friends takes a stand for the family, offering support and encouragement of families as they are struggling in difficult times.

    Parenting author and broadcaster Sharon McKay hosts the series with help from consultants Barbara Coloroso ("Kids Are Worth It") and Susie Tamas (Educator/Consultant). Dramatic re-enactments of typical family situations and hilarious segments from Mom's The Word comedy troupe highlight each episode.

    Family & Friends addresses many of the questions facing families in the new millennium.

    It looks at why things happen in our families, and explores how families deal with contemporary issues. Each show in the series offers an in depth look at topics such as: how we learn to be parents, the trails and tribulations of non-custodial parents after a divorce, the importance of self-esteem to both parents and their children, and how children deal with the loss of a best friend, a parent or grandparent. Family & Friends is essential television viewing for the whole family.

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    High Adventure! High Living! Stunning locations!

    This is a glamorous, high-end series that features the best international travel destinations that also have casinos in their area.

    In Season One alone, High Point visits destinations in Europe, Australia, North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

    In every episode, the show:

  • explores some of the unique tourist attractions of the area, featuring local festivals and events, from sky diving to submarine tours, to nightlife, cuisine, music, dance, and culture.
  • experiences local gaming culture be it being chased by bulls in Spain, or the French game Boule, or Australian rules football, or the daredevils who shoot Niagara Falls.

  • gets inside a casino where we highlight the table games, the machines, the winners, the architecture, decor and atmosphere, the shopping, dining, and entertainment!
  • Features a short game segment: a learn-to-play session of a favourite international casino game, or an introduction to a game unique to the casino or the country!

    Casino gaming is the fastest growing leisure phenomenon in the world! Casino travel is booming! Casino locations are the world's hot spots, and High Point delivers the excitement, the glamour, the mystique of international gaming destinations.

    High Point's audience appeal is to both men and women and both armchair travelers and gamers are the target audience. Around the world, most casino visitors are between 31 and 64 and they are educated and affluent.

    The top and tail host of "High Point: Casinos of the World" is "The Gambler" himself, Kenny Rogers. Kenny brings his international persona as "The Gambler", and a charismatic screen presence to "High Point: Casinos of the World", but the main content of the series is narrated for easy versioning.

    The producers also offer a female host, Jennifer Hill, to co-host with Kenny, or to act as a stand-alone host should the broadcaster wish to target a young male audience.

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  THE ACTORS     52 x 60

    Also available in 30 minute format

    Some are recognized by their contributions to the world of cinema, others are up and coming bright stars who have sparked the interest of a worldwide audience: all of them are THE ACTORS, each known for their unforgettable performances in film and television.

    During the intimate interview process, THE ACTORS are strikingly candid. Each one-hour conversation takes place in an intimate setting, allowing them to speak freely about their motivations, fears, and favorite roles. Movie clips highlight each story, and the audience is left with a greater understanding of the talent and sheer determination it takes to be one of THE ACTORS.

    Steve Allen The Tonight Show, The Steve Allen Comedy Hour Uta Hagen Look Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, Streetcar Named Desire Lesley Ann Warren Twin Falls Idaho, The Limey, Color of Night

    Pascale Bussieres Emporte-Moi, When Night is Falling, The Five Senses, Blanche Aamir Khan Lagaan, Sarfarosh, Raja Hindustani Jay Baruchel Almost Famous, Undeclared, The Rules of Attraction.

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