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The Man Who Skied Down Everest

(Winner Academy Award Best Documentary - 1976)

Available in English, French, and Spanish



This incredible, Academy Award-winning film features adventurer, poet, and world champion skier Yuichiro Miura as he and his climbing team face the most challenging climb in the world -- an ascent up Mt. Everest.  They faced an icefall that claimed 6 lives, still considered the worst natural disaster accident in Himalayan history.  With a 35mm Panavision film crew in tow, they climbed to the South Col, only 350 meters from the very summit of Everest, where Miura put his life in the hands of the Gods.  Using oxygen and a parachute to help slow him down from the 120 mph he would have reached, Miura skied over 7000 feet over sheer ice and rocks.  Then, his parachute caught a gust of wind which unbalanced him.  He hit a boulder and fell 1,320 feet, smashing into rocks and ice ridges.  Miraculously, he hit a patch of snow which allowed his fall to end - less than 200 feet from the Bergshrund Crevasse.



The final climax has been called the most exciting six minutes of film ever shot, as Miura plummets helplessly down Everest's unforgiving icy slopes toward certain death below.

Possibly the first truly extreme skiing film ever produced, THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST is more than a simple adventure film.  It is a portrait of a man who is an athlete and a world record holder.  It is a document of an arduous and treacherous trek in the Himalayas that left six people dead.  It is a timeless story of courage, and one man's incredible dream to do the impossible.  Finally, with its heart-pounding, death-defying climax, it is reality television at its most intense.

Previously unavailable due to legal technicalities, Canamedia is proud to finally unveil this groundbreaking documentary, making it once again available to audiences everywhere.

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