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(1 X 60' or 1 X 90'HD)



Would you put your life on the line to film a “killer” documentary? To ride on a mission with the porampo—pirates who take no prisoners? Porampo: Pirates of the Malacca Straits takes you on a journey deep inside the world of 21st century high seas piracy. This 52-minute HD documentary focuses on one of the world’s most dangerous waterways, where sailors are assaulted by AK-47 and grenade-wielding pirates who board with grappling hooks. Two merchant mariners travel through Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in their quest to meet a gang of modern day pirates. An ex-pirate with the scars of grenades and knives tells his story. Along the way there are interviews with police, fishing villagers and ship’s crews. It all builds to the film’s pinnacle: a real nighttime pirate raid in a fast boat. 



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developed by RB Productions